Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chapter 131...How To Build A Shed Part 3

Off Grid...Chapter 131

Mike and I have been really busy working and also planning new projects Finally I am back to finish our shed story. I am very happy to be able to use a very clean building

Since the shed door is a little high we decide to build a box step using some of of our leftover wood

First we cut four pressure treated boards down.

Then Mike screws the base together.

And the top boards go on.

And now we have an easy step for the doorway.

Next up we have to work on the gaps under the eaves of the shed. We start off by using some old pieces of trim so we can install the J channel. Putting up the old trim.

Mike nailing on the trim.

Mike nailing the J channel.

Now it's time to install the soffit. First we have to cut it down to fit. The soffit comes in ten foot sections. We need to cut it down to about 12 inches for each section. It's a tedious job

Mike cutting the soffit with snips.

Mike starting to install the soffit.

I cut.

While Mike installs.

Now onto the other side. Mike starts off by installing trim. Then he screws in the J channel.

Then the soffits.

Yay...it's the last soffit to go up.

Before we paint we have to make sure the building is completely sealed.

Mike starts filling in any gaps with caulk.

We get that enclosed and now it's time to paint Of course I have to do the trim work. I start first since it takes me longer.

Mike starts rolling the side.

And we are done with the wood part of the shed

We really have to something about that hideous metal door and metal building

Mike adding a piece of wood to fill in the gap between the back of the truss and the metal building.

Mike installing the fascia.

Now it's the to work on the front metal door. Mike spent a lot of time prepping this.

First he sands it.

Then fills in the dents with filler.

He lets that dry, sands it down and has to fill it again.

We repeat that process until we think it is smooth enough to paint.

Time to paint the door. We are going to use the sprayer this time for a better paint job over the handles and all the nooks and crannies.

Mike prepping the spray painter.

And starting to spray.

And he is almost done. Bye bye ugly door

We still have to finish painting the back side of the metal building but for now we are done with the shed

We went from this.

To this.

And we are very happy with it.

I hope you all enjoyed our shed story. 


  1. Lisa I love the work you guys are doing. Living on the west coast on a postage sized piece of property I can only dream of having a view like yours some day.

    One comment on the step that Mike built for you. If he hasn't yet, he should find a way to anchor the step to the building. If it's just free standing with straight down sides it could roll on you if you step too far out of the building and place your weight on the outer edge. If you look at the manufactured stools in the stores you will notice they have sides flared out from the step to prevent this from happening.
    I look forward to reading your next installment.

    1. Thank you for writing in. That is a good suggestion.

      Go back...there is plenty of story to read:)

  2. Wow! Body work on a shipping container... But look at the outcome! That is really something!!

    Well! I do beleive I've come to the end of this saga... It's 12:30am, March 21, 2013...I should be in bed for a couple hours already, but this was more fun! I look forward to reading your other adventures, and please! keep doing this wierd and wonderful stuff! I've enjoyed this story immensley; a lot to learn from it, stuff that applies to most homemakers, everywhere, to a greater or lesser degree.

    Again, thanks, Mike, Lisa, for sharing!! - Dave

    1. Thank you so much. I'm sure Mike and I will continue to do crazy things as long as we are able to:)

      I am so glad you enjoyed our adventures so far. We hope to have many more.

  3. If you have a need to cut a lot of aluminum soffit or even vinyl siding a little trick a buddy of mine that does it for a living taught me is to reverse the blade on your circular saw. This will give you a nice straight cut in a very short period of time, just don't use your new blade because it will dull it. They actually go to woodshops and get their old ones that are dull because it doesn't matter.

    1. Thank you so much for that advice. I will pass that on to Mike:)