Friday, February 22, 2013

Chapter 72...Square Foot Garden Update

Off Grid...Chapter 72


Hi all. I just thought I would write in and give you an update on my SFG. So far I am pleased. I planted my first 4x4 SFG 7 weeks ago and I have cucumbers and peppers. Beans are growing and there are small green tomatoes on the stems. So far I haven't had any weeds and no animals. I seem to just have nibbling on some of the leaves but that has stopped so far, lol.

I will change a few things for next year. First the SFG book says to plant 9 pole beans in one square. I think they are overcrowded and some of them seem too small. Next year I won't plant so many in one box. I also bought patio cucumbers and I had no idea what they were. I didn't realize they would sprawl so much. Anyway I planted 2 of those between some green beans and some tomatoes. They are buried in there. I have to peek underneath just to see the cucumbers, lol. Next year I will plant them in front because so far they are producing which is good.

Here is the first SFG I planted 7 weeks ago. This one has pole beans, bush beans, lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, and assorted peppers.

My second SFG I planted 4 weeks ago and it has 1 zucchini plant, 2 yellow squash, tomatoes and peppers.

Here I am picking my very first squash.

Hopefully within the next 2 weeks I will have a lot more good news.


  1. When we did our first garden I didn't bother to read about anything. Amateur, right? LOL We love salad so I planted about two dozen cucumbers. Had I bothered to read I'd have known that a single cuke plant covers about 25 acres and produces roughly 19 billion cukes a week! LOL I was working at a big hotel with a restaurant and I was bringing in huge Rubbermaid totes FULL of cukes for weeks and begging people to take them. Even though the torties aren't supposed to eat veggies, they got spoiled for a while. I tossed tons into the woods for the wildlife. I gave them away for free locally on line. I still couldn't get rid of all those darn cukes! Lesson learned. From now on we only plant a couple!

  2. I think we have all had too much at one time or another. After my friends get tired of my stuff, the cows get some.