Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Getting Ready For Shipping Containers, Remodeling the Kitchen and Bathroom, Time With The Granddaughter

Hello everyone and thank you for the well wishes for Mike.

Our first week back we were busy with Mike and moving things up to the house and basically get back to operational.  Now we can start the real projects and some fun.

Well…Mike has done it.  He has finally gotten my garden out of the backyard so he can take over.  He ordered two new shipping containers for who knows what, lol.  Boys and their toys.  I just hope we can get them up top.

In order for the shipping containers to be put on site we need to build a base/foundation for them  We will need 8 concrete blocks to set the corners on.  "I" moved the bags and mixed the concrete.  Mike was allowed(lol) to smooth the out:

Burning the last of my garden up top.  BTW, all my pressure treated wood rotted.

Of course we have one very special girl in our lives who has been driving us crazy to come and visit.  I picked her up one Saturday and we took her "recipe" book to the grocery store to shop for supplies.  Here she is making her Smores Drops:

And later on making Meatball subs:

Now it's het turn to teach me something.  She has been on a duct tape craft kick…so we are making duct tape bags…I ended up making one for my kindle:

And the next morning making breakfast for Nicole and AJ:

OK…had fun with the kids and now they are gone.  Time to get back to work.  Mike says it's time we had a little nice.  We normally do things for ourselves that are more functional.  The nice things are typically in the resales.  So we are going to make some changes to the house to make it more normal.  First up.  The washer/dryer situation needs to be fixed.  Right now they are in the spare bedroom.  We are going to take out the old closet in the bathroom and put it in there.  Just a couple of pictures taking out the old closet:

It is going to be a little involved since Mike will have to move the plumbing inside the wall for our new drain pipe, move gas lines, move our water filter, and close it all back up.  I will go back and forth with what we are doing.  As things come in or people show up our jobs will change.

And to show this:)  Here is our delivery truck of gravel.  We need to set the shipping containers on top of the gravel and we will have parking in the middle.  It's always interesting to watch trucks make it up our driveway:

Mike spreading out the gravel:

The project I am looking most forward to is my kitchen changes.  We went back and forth and I decided that my cabinets are fine but I would love an island.  My counter is in rough shape and needs to be changed out.  I am also considering a new stove with more burners:)

We ordered the countertops but we were able to get a match for my island cabinets:)

I know it is not finished yet but we will get there.  I just couldn't wait to get it into place:)

That was just a quick update.  We will have a mix of things going on this year.  Projects, kids, and even some traveling:)

Enjoy your day!!