Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chapter 130...How To Build Mega Shelves

Off Gird...Chapter 130

Now that we have the shed pretty much closed in we can start building the mega shelves on the inside. We are building 2 sets of shelves. They are going to be 8 feet long, 2 feet deep, and 3 shelves high. We are building two of those for a total of 16 feet shelves

Mike screwing the boxes together to hold the shelves.

Mike measuring to cut the backs of the shelves. We are putting a back on the shelves to cover the ugly green metal shipping container.

We get the first shelf unit up.

Mike nailing the back of the first set of shelves.

Next we brace the back wall for the next shelf unit.

We build the shelves and get them installed.

Our shelf units are up

Time to paint the inside of the shed and also the shelves.

Mike mixing the paint.

I start painting the shelves and Mike works on the walls.

The white is almost done Now it's time for the final floor coat.

Mike rolling the paint on after I trimmed the walls and corners.

Woo hoo...the inside of the shed is done. When it dries I can fill it up

OK that caught you up with the inside of the shed. My next story will be about us finishing the outside.

Have a wonderful day!!!



  1. Love Nikie's face in your title/logo!

  2. That was my stepdaughter's idea. We are trying to find the picture of Niki on the roof and the board on the gravel but it is a maze of pictures, lol

  3. We bought an old hyway trailer last fall, cut the wheels and dollys off, lowered it unto some concrete peers. This is not as strong a container as what yours is, but I think we'll like it for storage... I wish I had that set of shelves in it already! :-)