Monday, February 25, 2013

Chapter 119...How To Seal A Driveway And A Pool Table In The Living Room

Off Grid...Chapter 119

Mike and I are winding down. We have just a couple of more projects we would like to finis before the cold weather sets in.

We still have no idea what we will be doing with our other lot but the grass is coming least on the bottom part of it

Mike and I have been going back and forth about what to do with the extra space we have in the kitchen. I wanted and Island for more storage so when my stepdaughter called me from Lowe's one day to tell me my cabinets were on sale I got excited. Then Mike started doing the numbers. He said for that money we could get a pool table and have some fun So we thought about it some more and I looked for some online. We found one we thought we would like. It took a few weeks to finally make the decision and order it but we did.

Now for the pool table delivery saga The driver with our pool table called early this afternoon. He was supposed to be here a few hours later. He called at 5:30pm and by then the rain started. He wanted us to drive to meet him about an hour away to get our pool table. Hubby said we can't do it. We only have an open trailer and we did wait all day and we did pay for delivery They will be back tomorrow. Looks like we will have to wait around again tomorrow until they show up. Ugh!!!

Ok lets try this again A new driver called us this morning to tell us "now" after dealing with this company all week, that we need a docking station to unload the pool table. Well we didn't know that and we don't have we will have to make do. Mike told him we will have to open the pallet and unload each piece. We met the driver and truck on the main highway since we knew he couldn't make it into our place. Mike and I had the trailer ready to go The driver opened up the back of the freight truck and the pallet jack was under our pallet and also in the way of getting the table out. Uh oh. I jumped inside the truck and started to rip open the box. Finally we got the box off and Mike said "we have to get it up on it's side to get it out of the truck" This thing was really really heavy. I was having serious doubts about us being able to get it off the truck. We finally got it lifted and found out all of the wood sides and legs were taped to the bottom. Whew....we can get rid of some of the weight Finally Mike and I get the pool table off the truck and onto the trailer. The driver helped us one time.....I guess they don't have to unload anything.

So we got it back home and into the house. Mike and I put it together. It may look a little strange in our house but it works for us

Mike and I play our favorite game of 101 everyday. We have also had our grandson over for some pizza and pool

Mid month we went to an art show called Art In The Park. It was a long way and a lot of people. Unfortunately what they call art I wouldn't hang on my wall if they paid me Seriously, I find it hard to believe that we can;t find any nature pictures when we live in the mountains. Oh well....we are still looking.

Mike and I re painted the sides of the house. Now the front and the sides are re done. The back still looks good.


Our next big job. We need to seal the paving that was done the first year. We ordered 55 gallons of sealer Oh this should be fun, lol, and this is only for the top part.

Time to get messy This is supposed to be a no stir seven year sealer. Well it isn't a no stir and I sure hope we get 7 years out of it Mike opened up the containers and we started with the curbs. We are working together to get it done faster.

Mike starting on the curbs.

Working his way down the side of the drive.

Of course, at that point, little Miss Niki decided she wanted to go into the house. So she walked across the wet sealer and had black paws I had to take a break from helping Mike to get her cleaned up and put inside.

And back up. the curbs didn't take us too long although we did use 10 gallons just on the top curbs. Now it's time to start rolling.

We have 45 gallons to roll. Hopefully it will be enough to get a first coat on. Mike and I each have our own rollers.

Mike rolling.

Well we rolled almost all of it and what a messy splattering job. We both have black sticky stuff all over our arms, clothes, and sneakers.

Mike is rolling the last of it and we didn't have enough.

Wow...55 gallons did not go far. We had to strip down outside before we could go into the house. We will save those nasty clothes for the next round.

We ordered more sealer and took the last 4 that they had at the Farm Supply.

Mike starts off by mixing the buckets.

I spread the buckets out along the drive and we are ready to go down the walkway.

We work together going back wards down the side drive. It is much easier to do just the width of the driveway compared to the big open area of our parking area.

Yeah...we got it done.

We have stayed off the driveway and have plans to do a second coat.

Mike fills some cracks.

Niki tests out the new sealer on the drive.

We gave the drive a few days before we drove on it. Once we drove on it it left tire marks. Mike was not happy about that so I looked it up. Supposedly tire marks will be left but will disappear after awhile. I sure hope so. All of that hard work should stay nice once you park on it.

That's all for now. Once the new sealer arrives we have to start working our way down the driveway. Mike has also been working really hard on the outside of his building so we can get it painted. Hopefully I will have another story for you next week. It all depends on the weather.



  1. Seems like a lot of work. I assume you looked at spraying it on?? Or having someone come in and spray?

    I had some guys come and do my driveway one year. They sprayed on a windy day and the overspray was blown into the pool and stuck to the liner. What a mess that was. Last time I did that. Now I do it myself. :) Mind you I don't have 20 miles of driveway to do. LOL :)

    1. Oh yeah....spraying and wind does not mix. Mike thought we could do a thicker job by rolling. It looks good so we are happy. We have the last section to finish this year....and then we get to start all over again in a few more years, lol. Ah..maintenance.:)

  2. BTW ... I love the pool table. :) :)

    1. Mike and I love to play pool...but guess what, lol? We gave that one to the kids and now have a real slate table. That story will be told in the next week or two. It's a doozy of a story, lol.

  3. Slate??!! I can't wait! And I thought Mike already had one hernia treated... ;-)

    1. Ha, ha...that one was nothing. Wait until next Monday's update.