Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chapter 129...How To Build A Shed Part 2

Off Grid...Chapter 129

It's time for another story with lots of pictures about building our shed. Today I will tell you about the trusses and the roof.

We ordered the trusses and we told the company to 1. bring a smaller truck and 2. call us when they are on their way. Did they do that? Of course not It's a good thing the truss truck showed up when Howard and Ivalee, our cow people, where on their way in. Of course the truck was too big to get in here and on top of that they loaded someone else's much bigger and longer trusses "behind" ours. Anyway, Howard drove up here to tell us. Mike went down with them to see what to do. With Howard and Ivalee's help Mike got the truck unloaded and they all got the trusses onto Howard's truck. They brought them up top and Mike's daughter and I helped them unload the trusses onto the driveway.

OK....now we can start working This is where the tractor comes in handy again.

Mike and I load the trusses onto the tractor bucket.

Then we used the tractor to lift the trusses as high as we can next to the building.

The trusses will span both the new shed and our old metal building. We want to make both buildings look like one. It will also help with the old roof on the metal building and keep it from rusting.

Mike climbs up the tractor arm so he can start pulling the trusses onto the top of the building. This is where the metal building becomes very useful. Mike has someplace to stand and he doesn't have to straddle the trusses

We get all the trusses on top of the building and get them laid out. This is what they look like from inside.

Time to stand them up and get them nailed in.

The first end truss is up and nailed in.

And a few more. Mike stands it up on one side and measures while I hold the other end up and keep it straight.

We preinstall some of the OSB boards to help make the trusses more stable while we are working on them.

And finally we got all of the trusses installed.

Now it's time to get the rest of the OSB sheets onto the roof before we can put the shingles on. Mike stands on the metal building roof and reaches down while I lift up the boards one by one and throw them up to him.

Mike nailing in an OSB board.

Mike using the H clips to make the boards stronger. The trusses were installed every 2 feet. The OSB boards are 4' by 8' and will be installed on the trusses in a staggered pattern to make the roof strong. THe H clips help hold the open areas tight.

Mike working on the front side of the roof.

And we are almost done...well with this part

All of the OSB sheets are on the roof. Now we need to protect it.

We use the tractor again to lift the rolls of Ice and Water Shield. We get it all on the roof and Mike blows off the roof to get it clean before we unroll the Ice and Water Shield.

Mike unrolling it.

Next I help Mike install it. It has a plastic backing that you peel off and then stick it down to the roof. Mike measures the length that we need, we spread it out where it needs to go, roll it halfway back, unroll the plastic cover, and then stick it down together. Mike walks on it to help it adhere to the wood.

We get all of it on the roof. Whew....we just had enough of it left from last year's roofing job But now we don't have the shingles so we have to jump to another job. At least the roof is now protected and we don't have to worry about it.

We decided to install the front door for our new shed. Mike installs the frame.

And the door is on

I know it's looking kind of strange but it will all come together

Yay...we got the shingles. Now it's time to get the bundles on the roof Again we use the tractor.

Mike raises the tractor bucket as far as it will go and then he climbs into the bucket. I get on the roof and help him get the bundles on the roof.

Mike sliding one of the bundles onto the roof.

Once Mike slides the budges on the roof I pick them up and place them along the ridge line so we can start working.

The shingles are up

I slice open the budges and start to lay out a few shingles at a time where we will be working. While I do that, Mike installs the drip edge.

Once the drip edge is installed we can start nailing the shingles on. We get into our routine pretty quick. I lay out the shingle and Mike nails it in. We do about four full rows at a time.

Almost halfway done with the shingles.

Time for the other side. I try my hand at nailing.

Mike is much faster so we go back to our old routine.

We are almost done with the shingles.

After the shingles are done we have to make the ridge cap. We do this by cutting the shingles to cover the ridge. Then they have to be nailed down.

Mike working on the ridge cap and then we are done with the roof

Almost Done

Yay...we kicked butt on the shingles. We did it in under 3 hours

Next we have to get the whole shed closed in.

Mike works on the panels for the peak of the buildings. We use some old T1-11 that we had hanging around

The front peak is closed in.

And the back is done.

Woo hoo. The roof is done. After the shed is complete on the outside I will show you how we made some really awesome and huge shelves for the inside of the shed.



  1. Nice job on the shed. I like how you mated it to the shipping container.
    How is the roof secured to the container?


    1. Thank you for writing in. We screwed the trusses to the metal roof on the shipping container. We screwed them in from the top and bolted them securely inside the shipping container.

  2. Those H clips are new to me! They would really help beef up the strength between truses - almost as good as tougne and groove.

    Looking good! 3 hours for that roof? You guys ARE speedsters! ;-)

    1. The H-clips are pretty cool but they can be tough to get on the boards.

      We did awesome on that roof. I hope we are up to speed on the ones this year.