Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chapter 46...Snow And Cabin Fever

Off Grid...Chapter 46

This is more of an update. We were snowed in for 3 days so we didn't get anything done. I do have some snow pictures for you.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday it snowed. Each morning we got up and went outside to clean the snow off the solar panels. On Monday Mike did a quick plow on the driveway.

Monday's Snow.


Wednesday we woke up to blue skies and snow on the ground but it wasn't snowing. Woo hoo.

Finally we all got out of the house. I went to clean off the panels while Mike plowed the driveway again. Mike starting to plow.

This is our worst part.

Mike on the tractor with Niki following. Looks like we all had cabin fever.

And it looks like Niki and I will be walking "back up" the driveway.

At least it was nice enough to get out. We went to David's to pick up 50lbs. of bird seed. On the way we ran into Ivalee and her neighbor, Vince, coming to feed the cows. They got almost 10 inches of snow at their house. We told her to call us if she ever needed us to feed the cows. It will never happen because Howard is too stubborn.

Yay, we actually took a day for ourselves. It's the first time that we just did something for us that didn't involve work in many months. We went to town and went bowling. Then Mike took me out to lunch. It was our once a year eating out, lol.

When we got home we checked the mail and slid right into the mailbox and broke it. Just something else we will have to fix. It's still standing. Thankfully that mailbox was there otherwise we would have slid right off the road and into a big ditch.

Friday and Saturday- Just some more blah weather with no work that can be done. Mike tried to work on the mailbox but we have to wait until the snow is gone.

Today is Mike's birthday. We drove to Bristol Va to look around and go to Sam's Club. Our whole excursion and we bought towels, lol.

That was our week. So sorry to disappoint but sometimes life just isn't that exciting. We are hoping that we are through the worst of our weather but we'll see.


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  1. Do you do any snowmobiling during the winter?? Might be a nice diversion when you haven't got anything else to do.