Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flip House 1...Part 8

Chapter 8 Granite and Grass

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great week. It's time for another few days in the Mike and Lisa world. There are a lot of pictures this time so it will take a little time to load.

As an update for those who asked. The For Sale Sign was put out on Wednesday of last week and this house has been listed. We have been watching the market here and priced it lower than any of our competition and none of our competition has done any remodeling. So we will see how we do.
We also offered an 8% commission to see if we can move it fast. As far as price I don't want to jinx us so I won't post that yet. Let's just say that between the realtors, Uncle Sam, closing costs and carrying costs they might make more than us.

Ok onto our story.

Moving right along. Today Mark and Rick will be tearing out our old lawn while Mike and I work on the gardens.

Mike and I went to our old rock place to see if they still carried the rock we really like. We used to use a pink granite/marble(?) that looked really nice in all of our Florida gardens in the past. Unfortunately they don't stock it anymore because it is too hard to find. So we had to settle and get a large white marble. Mark is going to pick this up for us after he drops off his rototiller.

Back at home we start getting the gardens ready for rock. First I shovel out any excess dirt and then I will put weed cloth down.

Mark starts to rototill.

At the same time Mike starts prepping the house for paint. Here he is scraping it down.

The rock is here.

Now we just have to get it from the truck and the trailer to the gardens. I start out by shoveling the rock into 5 gallon buckets and dumping them into the garden. I tried using the wheelbarrow but I am too wobbly with it so I have to do it the hard way.

Here I am shoveling the rock.

Mike uses the wheelbarrow to dump rock into the back garden.

We ran out of rock so Mark goes back to fill up his truck bed with more rock. And 2 tons later we are finally done.

Mark is done tearing up the lawn and will be back tomorrow with sod. Now that was a job.

Later on Mike and I work on installing some of the curtain rods.

Mike hanging a rod in the front room.

Mark and Rick show up and 4 pallets of sod are delivered.


Rick starts laying the sod.

The right side is done and it looks good.

They start laying sod on the left side of the house and find out they are short. Mark has to go to another sod place to pick up more sod.

Finally the sod is done. It is two different colors right now but it won't take long for it to blend. Mark also added fertilizer.

While Mark and Rick worked on the side Mike and I had to do more of the dreaded shopping. Later on that night we installed the microwave in the kitchen and brought in the refrigerator and the dishwasher. We will put the stove in after the counter is installed.

It's the big day. We are supposed to have our granite counters delivered and installed. Woo hoo.

The granite company gets here and here. Here they are getting the granite off the truck.

They get the granite slab onto a dolly and roll it into the house.

Once they have the granite inside they have to lift it onto the cabinets. This is not an easy job because it is so heavy. The men start to lift the biggest piece. Now I really don't want to watch.

Lifting the biggest slab on top of the cabinet.

They get all 3 pieces of granite on the cabinets. One whole piece was for the island and the other 2 pieces made an L in the kitchen. I was very happy where they cut the granite. Our seam is along the front and back of the sink so it's a very small seam.

The seams are clamped together so they can epoxy them.

Ooh another cool tidbit, at least to me. They use epoxy on small pieces of granite to install the sink. First they put the sink in place in the counter top. then they spread the epoxy on small pieces of granite and then they go under the sink and attach the sink to the granite form underneath. then the sink gets caulked in.

Spreading epoxy on the scrap granite.

Underneath the sink.

While they are working on the granite I get out all of the paint and start painting the trim and doors for the 2 bedrooms, bathroom, and trim on one side of the house.

They seal and polish the granite before they leave. now Mike can start the plumbing.

Here is our sink and new faucet.

Mike working on the plumbing for the double drains.

And it's all nice and neat just the way we like it.

I help him get the drains in place and caulked in. We also got the dishwasher hooked up and tested, and the ice maker from the refrigerator is now connected.

Later on we bring in the stove and hook it up. woo hoo. We almost have a kitchen.

Today we had to make another trip to Home Depot, the story of our
We bought tile for the bathroom floor and a water heater for the other house. We have to get that done before we can move over there. We also bought out kitchen cabinet hardware. the last time we did cabinet knobs we were very disappointed. We bought the stainless or nickel knobs and once we installed them on our cabinets it looked like Christmas decorations. So we went for something a little more discreet.

Back at home we start installing all of the cabinet hardware. Mike uses a template for all of the doors.

Next we work on the drawers. This is how we did it.

First we have to find the center of the drawer. We take the drawer out and put a piece of painter's tape where we think the middle is. Then we take a straight edge and lay it down from one corner to the other corner and make a line. Then we do the same for the last 2 corners. Now we know exactly where the center is.

Criss cross the tape on the drawers.

Then Mike drills a hole through the drawer and we put the drawer back into the cabinet.

Mike screwing the handles into place.

The Island is done.

And now what some of you have been waiting for. We still have a little more work on the floor but the kitchen is almost complete.

Well we are beat. It was a very busy few days. Next week we will work on the second bathroom. I hope you all enjoyed this part of our story.


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