Monday, February 25, 2013

Chapter 126...Installing Wind Generators On The Shipping Container

Off Grid...Chapter 126

Today is about the wind generator. As you already know, Mike and I bought this:
GudCraft WG400 400 Watt 12-Volt 6-Blade Wind Generator With Charge Controller

It turns out that that wind generator was a piece of junk. When the wind blew it didn't charge. Mike was not happy. So we had to take it down, pack it back up and send it back. What a hassle.

Then Mike toyed with the idea of building one of his own but he thought that may take too long. He likes a homemade version as opposed to a commercial version because he can work on it himself. So he started searching again and found one that would work.

We bought one of these:
Missouri basic 12volt 5 blade wind turbine generator 500 watt dc output made USA

Although this does not look like a "commercially" made product it fits our needs. It produces power even during very small breezes and it has a car alternator for the motor....which Mike can easily change out if there is ever a problem.

We liked it so much that we bought another one.

And now our new set up

We needed a set up where we could easily get to the wind turbine if we needed to work on it.

Mike decided to put a moving steel pole on the green building and use it for the turbine.

Metal pole on the building with one screw in the bottom.

Mike testing the pole to see how it will work.

Looking good. Now it's time to use the tractor to push it up the rest of the way.

It looks like this is going to work really well. Now I get into the bucket and hold the pole straight so Mike can pre drill the holes into the metal building.

Like I said, this was not a true "commercial" product so Mike has some fixing to do. Here he is spraying the tail.

Next he works on the generator motor...which is just like an alternator

Then we use the tractor to lift it up and screw it into the building.

Woo hoo. One is secure and doing a good job.

Then we got the second one delivered. We are doing the same set up but on the back corner of the building.

Mike working on the second wind turbine.

And the second one is up.....just in time for the storm that is brewing.

So far it has been a month with this system and we are very pleased with it. We are back to how it was the first year we were here in TN. It is breezy every day That will be a welcome relief comes summer

The only issue we have with this is the noise inside Mike's building. It does make a racket. We put rubber in between the pole and the metal building but it is still very loud inside the building when the wind is blowing. Any ideas?



  1. Unless you are hearing the noise outside, I wouldn't worry about it. You aren't living in the building. If it bothers you that much, you could insulate the whole inside of the building or use spray type foam and fill the pipe the generator is on.

    1. Thank you for posting. You are right. Since we don't live in the building it really is no trouble. As for the insulation suggestions, I think we will wait until we get really really bored which won't be this year, lol.

  2. I wonder if you are hearing the bearing noise from the generator transferring down the metal pole. The metal building unfortunately is amplifying the sound just like a big guitar. As posted above, you might try filling the pole with something to try to deaden the sound. another idea would be to try spacing the pole away from the building with something like a piece of an old tire that the attachment bolts go through. The idea is to isolate the vibrations from the large metal sounding box. :)

    This same theory is true with your noisy water pump from your earlier pages. If you are still having noise it is probably the PEX carrying the pump vibrations to the walls of the house. This is a common problem in RV's. The fix for this is probably the same whether in a house or an RV. Get a piece of foam pipe insulation and put it between the PEX and any walls it touches and it should quiet it down a bunch. A short length of flexible tubing between the pump and the PEX will also quiet it down providing it can withstand the pump pressures without rupturing.


  3. Matt...thank you for responding. We have added a large piece of rubber between the pole and the building and it really didn't do much. Filling the pole might work but right now it isn't bothering us:)

    We no longer use the 12 volt pump. Our new 110 volt pump is much quieter. Thank you for the suggestion.

  4. The shorter run to the controller should make a huge difference.

    1. We have heard that but it hasn't made a difference that we can see.