Thursday, February 28, 2013

Motorhome Remodel Part 1

Hello everyone. My husband, Mike and I love to remodel. He has been pestering me about tearing my kitchen in our house apart. I said no since it doesn't need it. So we made a compromise and decided to tear out the kitchen in our 2009 Winnebago ERA. We have owned our ERA for three years now and plan on keeping it forever. We love the body of it but need to fix a couple of the practical problems. 

This is our plan:
First off we have two passenger seats which we use maybe twice a year and they take up a lot of wasted space. They need to go. Next the kitchen counter area doesn't have enough room. There are no lower cabinets which could be used for incredible storage space. Our whole goal is to create more storage and get "things" out of site while we travel.

Here are a couple of stock photos of what our motorhome looked like before we tore it apart, lol.

Before view from the front looking back with both passenger seats.

The original kitchen area with only tiny drawers for storage. They don't even go to the back wall.

It's demo time We love doing demo. The scariest part about motorhome demo is the question "what are we going to find?" We have no idea how the factory hooked things up before we take it apart. Hopefully we can put it back together again, lol.

Thankfully we have a beautiful day to start working.

The first seat is out.

Mike unbolting the second seat.

The seats are out and we are left with some holes.

We bought new base cabinets to install. We thought we would have to custom order cabinets to match the existing upper cabinets. We got lucky and found stock cabinets that are very close to the same color.

I got ahead of myself in my excitement. We can't install the new until we get rid of the old, lol.

Some of the drawers are out and Mike is now unscrewing the microwave.

Mike taking out the microwave.

Microwave is out.

This cabinet also holds the propane heater. Since we have a choice of three heaters to use we decided to use this space for storage and get rid of this heater. Anyone want a propane new, lol? We have our electric heater that is with our AC unit and we prefer to use our portable tower heater when needed. It is much quieter.

Mike unscrewing the bracket that held the microwave in place and also the screws for the heater. You can see the heater on the bottom right.

Next, I help Mike take the heater out. pics. I was a little busy, lol.

Our cabinet is now empty and look at all the space

Now we have to get the countertop but first we have to take out the stove and the sink.

I am not unhappy about taking this sink out. First it leaks from the faucet. And it leaked right into my top two drawers that were under the sink making them useless. I also didn't like the round sink with the side faucet. It was not easy to use. So out it goes.

Mike taking out the sink after we unscrewed the the mount and cut the caulk.

Next is the stove. I have no problem with the stove so it stays. Mike is unhooking the gas line and yes the gas is off

Now it's time for the countertop. We broke part of it while trying to pull it out. It actually just cracked.

Mike taking out the front plate that is above the refrigerator and undoing the electric outlet. He will be redoing all of our outlets and giving us more.

Mike working on the old electric.

He also takes out the 12 volt line and the gas to the refrigerator. The refrigerator stays since I have no problem with it....and I am a big cook

Time to take out the old cabinets....which really aren't cabinets. They were frames built into place and covered. There is a lot of glue on these parts. Piece by little piece we get them out.

Mike working on a small piece by the water heater.

Our debris after pulling things apart.

The only things left are the two sides to the refrigerator. RV refrigerators don't come with sides. The side pieces are built at the factory. We will use the sides of our new base cabinets for the refrigerator sides.


Mike cutting down on the electrical wires. He hates unnecessary wires and pipes.

And finally...the last piece of factory wood....that is glued. Mike taking it apart little by little.

We are now cleared out and need to clean up. Tomorrow we will start on the new install. I love seeing things go back together

OK...time for me to do some work. Have a great day and I hope you enjoy the story and pictures. 


  1. Didn't you use to have a Class A motor home?
    I like this one but thought you had a bigger one when you started on the house.

    1. Yes we used to have a Winnebago Vectra. Now that we have a home we don't need a big motorhome.