Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chapter 83...New Awning And Drain Pipe

Off Grid...Chapter 83

What a wet time we are having in TN. Where is the sun, lol? It's hard to get motivated to work with all of this rain. Ok time for the next installment.

It looks like rain for the rest of the week. We lost our chance for finishing the painting on the front of the house.

Mike and I don't like the way the trim around the doors look on the front of the house. Yesterday Mike got a chance to scrape down the side trim on the front doors.

That night it poured.

It is threatening to rain again so today Mike and I concentrate on some other matters that have to be taken care of.

Woo hoo. It looks like we might get a break in the weather today. Our 2nd paving man shows up to give us an estimate. He seems like a very nice man. Hopefully he can give us good references and he will come in with a better estimate.

After he leaves Mike and I get the painting equipment back out. We start painting the second coat on the front of the house. Mike is being very careful on the ladder. Great now we both don't like the ladders right now.

Here I am painting.

And Mike is still painting the top part.

Uh oh, we are just about done and it looks like rain again. I hope the paint dries before it rains. On a good note we got a delivery. Our 2 awnings came. They came in 2 boxes and Mike says to me "they must have the metal in one box and the fabric in the other box." No, they should be exactly the same. Sure enough we open up the 2 boxes and one is completely empty. I don't know if it is just us but it seems like everything we touch lately something goes wrong. Anyway, one of the empty box had already been opened and taped. It looks like the awning was taken. I called the company and they said ":this has happened before". Well don't you think you should fix the problem? They will send out a replacement awning.

Later that night it pours. Hopefully the paint is dry enough.

7-29 and 7-30
It rained both days. We met Jim(our concrete man) and his wife Kelly at our other property to show. It's funny how small the world is. They saw our ad, didn't know it was us, and called about the property.

It rained all day. The sun finally came out about 5:30. We saw a couple of small bubbles on the house. We will keep an eye on them.

Finally, it isn't raining this morning. It is very humid out which means nothing is drying out so we can't fix the bubbles yet. Thankfully there isn't many bubbles. We also can't install the gutters until everything dries more. We picked the perfect time to have the gutters off the house, lol. Since we took the gutters off the house it has rained every day.

Mike and I added another extension pipe to the drains on the front of the house. We started out with 2 10 foot drains on each side of the house then we added another 10 foot section to each one. Now we are adding one more 10 foot section. This will make our drain pipes run 30 feet away from the house and down the front hill.

We start out by getting the buckets so we can shovel the dirt into them. This will keep the job clean. We have to dig out 2 trenches to fit the pipes in, cover them up and then seed.

Mike is digging the trench.

The pipe is in the ground.

Covering it up and then seeding it.

Mike moves on to the second trench while I go up top and mow the lawn.

We got the front lawn mowed and then it rained.

This morning I had a Doctor's appointment and when I got home the new paver called. They are going to bring over some of their equipment this week. Woo hoo. Time to get this place clean. I can't wait. We are only doing a partial job this year. We will have them pave along side of our house, the back parking area, and down the steepest part of our driveway. They will also be adding curbs for us to keep the water on the road and not wash out the sides.

Later on we went to the other property. While I mowed Mike called the towing company to pull him out of the grass. Remember when he got stuck in the wet grass? They got the motor home back up on the pad. It will stay there until this land dries out.

Here is the mess Mike made with the motor home.

We got back home and Mike started to work on our "one" awning. First we figure out exactly where it will go and Mike puts the clips on the house.

Next we slide the awning onto the bar and attach the bar to the clips.

Then Mike screws in the side brackets.

The awning is up. The wrinkles will work themselves out.

Now we are just waiting for the company to send out the second awning.

We tried to go over to the other property to mow but we got rained out.

This afternoon Mike and I are meeting his daughter at a house she wants to see. It looked nice from the outside but it is a major disaster. The house is only about 5 years old and it has foundation problems, warped floors, cut structural beams, beams coming through the floors, and so many more really major problems. It isn't even safe to live in. It makes me feel so much safer in our house. I don't think a bank will ever approve a mortgage for that house with so many problems.

After that Nicole came over for dinner. We had a really nice and "quiet" time with her. It's nice to see her without the kids sometimes. Then we can have real conversations, lol.

The paving company brought over some of their equipment. He pulled off the side of the road into a field to unload. Sure enough he got stuck. Mike called Jimmy for him but he isn't working locally. The man ended up calling someone he knew to get him out. Mike left him at the road after being down there with him for about an hour. They are supposed to start paving on Monday.

We finally got over to the other property to do a knock down mow. It is just so wet that there isn't much we can do.

That is all for this installment. Sorry about all of the rain comments but it has been a really rough summer. Next week if all goes well we should get a lot done.



  1. If this is 2010 ... then I recall that we had a VERY rainy spring and summer as well. It was darn right brutal!! And then the next two years were just the opposite. Very dry and warm summers.

    Did you get the second coat of paint on the house before you put the awning up?? I guess they are easy enough to take down if need be. I don't imagine you will keep them up in the winter anyway. :)

    1. The paint got done and we no longer have awnings. Could yo have guessed that, lol?

  2. Andrea Lafleur in MichiganJuly 26, 2016 at 8:56 AM

    Just have to tell you how happy I am that you, not only made this blog, but have kept it up. Yours is a dream I always had, but never got the chance. Definitely too old now to attempt it, but, I'm completely content living vicariously through your adventures! Have been binge reading for the last three days! Yes, still a few to go! So very happy for you two and thank you for sharing your dream!