Monday, February 25, 2013

Chapter 121...Driveway Sealing Down Steep Part and Cool Machine:)

Off Grid...Chapter 121

Finally....I am here because I owe you our last story from 2011. So let me take you back and I will show you what we did.

I have to start off by showing you a picture that I think is pretty cool. We get so many great pictures here.

It is a beautiful morning the next day!!!

9-30-11 is a big day for us. Mike and I are going to seal the whole driveway that was paved our first year here. It is about 600 feet plus the curbs. We start off by doing the curbs first. We finally have a system for that. Mike and I work together. One of us pours some of the sealer onto the tops of the curbs in a 5 foot section. Then we both brush the sealer onto the curbs. We worked our way down one side of the driveway and then back up the other.

Now it's time for the driveway. We have a total of 12 five gallon buckets of sealer. We are ready to go. We have to line the buckets going down the drive. Once we put the sealer on, we cannot walk back up it for a few days.

Today is a much cooler day than when we tried to do the sealing at the top. It is making this job much easier. Mike and I work together the whole way down. He takes the left side and I take the right side.

Mike coming around our curve.

We are involved now...and no time for any breaks. We just have to keep rolling until we have no more buckets left.

Almost done

Woo hoo...we have no more sealer for the year. We are done looks so clean. Now if we can just keep the cows off, lol. Here ae some pictures of the finished job.

The top portion with the new electric fence in place. 

The new fence going our gate. I miss this view right now.

We have one small section of the old white electric fence that goes around the rock. Mike wants to replace that with the silver wire so the fence is less noticeable.

We have to take out the old white fence first so we can fix it. Here is Mike cutting a piece of rebar down. We can't get it out of the ground.

I go down and use the remover to take to old T-posts. We are going to use up the smaller rebar for the new fence. At some point we will fence off the whole driveway and the steepest rock section to keep the cows off

Mike is painting the rebar. Of course we have to make everything match

We made it down one side and back around the curved rock area with the new wire. Now we have to splice the two wires together.

Mike holds the two wires together while I pull for him. Then he puts the splice on.

Then he uses the crimper to squeeze it tight.

We are done with the first section of driveway. Hopefully the cows will not get through and make a mess of it.

That was our last planned job of the year. Now we are on cleaning up mode. The machines have to be emptied, cleaned and then stored. We won't be using the tractor, mower, weed eater, or any other equipment until next year when we get back from FL.

Today we took a ride over to Jimmy's property. He rented a really cool machine and Mike and I want to see if we might be able to use it. It's a spreader used for grass seed and also hay. We followed his guys up to the top of a hill and watched the new machine. Very cool. You load up your hay, the machine chops it up and then it spits it out. It makes seeding a rough hill much easier to do.

Check it out.

I love seeing things like that. Machinery is so amazing.

Mike and I picked up some more rebar. He wants us to get a jump on next year's sealing job. We add the poles 25 feet apart on both sides of the driveway. Then we paint them green. We won't put the wire up until next spring. We want the cows to get used to going around the driveway in small doses.

Here is Mike pounding in a pole for next year's fence.

And of course, our supervisor Niki is making sure we do our jobs right, lol.

Once all of the rebar is on and painted we have to add the clips that will hold the electric wire.

That is it. We are done with the work for the year. Now it's just time for us to prep to go to FL to work on some real estate there.

Our last picture for the Fall.

I hope you all enjoyed our last story of the year.  Just dreaming and planning some more for 2012.


  1. I don't think I could leave when the colours are so beautiful. The top pictures are so beautiful ... the scenery is indescribable. Such beauty ...

    1. Thank you. That is one of the big reasons why we love the mountains. Kind of like a small paradise:)

  2. All that hard work... All that incredible scenery... And then they plan to leave??!! You guys should check your bloodlines, I think! Must have a couple of roving gypsies in your family tree! :-)

    That is an incerdible picture, that last one!! Wow.


    1. I think fulltiming in the big motorhome for so long made us antsy. But yes, Mike and I must have gypsy blood, Between the two of us we have lived in over 50 places. But "this" will always be home to us:)