Monday, February 25, 2013

Chapter 107...Building a Bedroom Closet With Hidden Compartments

Off Grid...Chapter 107

Hello everyone. Right now Mike and I are waiting for some spackle to dry so I thought I would post another story I am going to take you back to the end of March to see how we built a closet in our bedroom...

Before I do that let me share a picture of one of our new cows.

Looks like Mike will have to give her a small pop or two with the BB gun to keep her out of our fence. The only good thing about the cows doing that is it saves on weed eating time....but they do stretch out the fence and we can't have that.

OK....time to build a closet. When we built our house, Mike didn't want to build closets. He wanted we got armoires. They did a great job but we did lose some storage because of the height of our walls. Now that we are trying to make everything just right, we are going to build floor to ceiling closets. We are leaving one armoire in the bedroom and taking the other one for the TV in the living room. It's a good thing all of our furniture matches

We took as much out of the bedroom as we could. Instead of finishing the inside walls of the closet we are going to make shelves for more storage.

The first boards for the closet. We are doing 2x6 construction.

Next we have to measure the sides to make the shelves all the same distance apart. Mike left that to me Yeah...I tried doing the measuring "on center" but that didn't work out. Then I tried measuring the whole board into sections and that didn't come out even Yup...I was definitely having a big duh moment in measuring. Mike had to come to the rescue and we did it together, lol.

We measured and screwed the first "ladder". Then we used that ladder to measure the second one.

Both ladders are almost done.

Next step. Mike starts to take off the floor trim in the bedroom.

After that, we brought both the built "ladders" into the bedroom and stood them up. was a close fit to the ceiling.

Then Mike installed the cross section for the closet doors.

Woo hoo...we are going to have a real closet.

The next day we built the side wall and put that up.

Mike installing the side wall.

Now that all of the wood is up it's time to start the finish work.

Mike is installing the sheetrock.

Almost done with the sheetrock.

I tried to get a picture to show you the interior shelves. Anyone can do this in between the studs inside your walls

Next is the corner bead on the edges.

Looking good

Now it's time for the spackling.

And the sanding.

While Mike did the work and made the mess, I cleaned up after him. It's the least I could do

We are almost ready for paint. Yes we are changing the bedroom color. We didn't like the yellow from last year. One of these times we will get a good color I hope

Mike is inside the closet painting with our new color "Moose Mousse"

New rack and built in shelves.

The trim going back down.

I painted the closet shelves.

First bottom door is installed.

Both bottom doors

Top shelves are up.

Now we just have to buy the boards for the top of the closet doors.

BTW, today is the first day of April 2011 and this is what we have Mike, Niki and I hibernated.

This is why Mike and I are doing projects inside, lol.

I feel sorry for the poor cows. They are all huddled together for the heat.

A few days later we were able to get back outside.

Mike is filling our crack in the pavement with an asphalt filler in a tube.

And spreading it out.

We had another crazy night weather wise. Man it has been a crazy year.

April 5
Snow is still on the mountain tops.

We are still not happy with our wood stove which is a Pleasant Hearth from Lowe's. I have been doing some research and have heard rave reviews on the "Englander 2200". I found it for half price and we ordered one. It was $649.00 instead of $1199.00 plus free shipping I am also going to call Lowe's to see if anything can be done about the old stove which I think is a dud.

On a good note, we got a Camfro Ecofan for the wood stove. It is a fan that blows the hot air around without using any electric.

That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed our closet story Next time Mike and I will finish up our bedroom.

I'll post again soon



  1. With everything you have bought at Lowe's I would think that they would send the manager to your place ... reimburse you for the dud stove and take it back to the store for you.

    They could chalk it up to customer service and good will. Just my 2¢.

    1. Do you want to call them for me, lol?

  2. I'm glad to see that Lowe's did at let you return it. Good move on their behalf.

  3. just curious because i couldn't see from the pictures, what you used on the back wall to hold your shelves up for the upper cabinet part. Thank youi