Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chapter 48...The Fallen Wind Generator

Off Grid...Chapter 48

Monday 2-2
We are expecting bad weather tonight through the next few days. Mike and I decided to go to town to run some errands and pick up some staples at the grocery store. Now we are ready to hibernate.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday-
We had a lot of continuous snow and overall nasty weather. We are not risking going down our driveway. The only good thing so far is that I had a cold the same time as all this nasty weather so it wasn't like I was missing anything because of my cold.

Thursday night we had some really strong winds and I heard a noise outside. Mike didn't hear it and it was dark so we didn't investigate.

Friday morning- The noise turned out to be our smaller wind turbine. It got weak at the connection and when all the strong winds came it fell. At least nothing short circuited.

Our "downed" wind turbine.

Mike disconnecting the wires.

After we came in the house Mike ordered 2 blades for our wind turbine that broke. Thankfully that was the only damage.

Today is Nicole's(Mike's daughter) 30th Birthday. Wow that makes me feel old. Time goes so fast. It was a beautiful sunny day. There was still snow at the top of our driveway but we had to get out so we took a ride into town. We haven't been out since Monday and needed a change. It was good to get out but I was not happy coming back up our drive. Again, I told Mike to let me out so I could walk up. Hot shot that he is says "hold on". "What's the worst that could happen?" I said "uh, we could roll the jeep down the hill". Now that would ruin my day. We slid a little but we made it to the top. At least we know we won't have any unwanted visitors, lol. Our driveway is better than a guard dog. I told Mike we need to install a guard rail. He laughed.

That night I found out we were supposed to get 50MPH winds. Mike said lets go up and make sure the larger wind turbine is ok.

So we went up to make sure it was secure and the pole was chained to the tractor bucket.

Our wind turbine made it. Yeah. It was a sleepless night because every time we heard the heavy winds we just held our breaths. This morning all is well. I can't wait for the weather to change so we can move and change everything to be more permanent.

Here is our wind turbine chained to the tractor.


Later on Mike walked up the back hill to check the fences and trees for any damage. He said we have a ton of trees down. We will have enough fire wood to last us for years and it will take us years to cut it all up.

I decided to "finally" go through our construction photos. I only have pictures developed up to us starting the "dreaded" sheetrock. I started re writing our story so I can make a full size book and "large print" lettering for Mike. I was supposed to start this at least a month ago. It is going to take me forever. Maybe I will have it done for Mike's Birthday next January, lol.

Bear with us everyone we have so much to do as soon as the weather breaks. Mike says "this time we will take our time and enjoy the work". Like I believe him. He even mentioned building a cabin on our other property. I think he was joking but I'm not sure, lol. Well I can't say life isn't interesting.


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  1. Lucky the wind turbine didn't fall through the roof. :(