Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chapter 80...Baby Geese And More Work

Off Grid...Chapter 80

It another fun filled day for Mike and I. We both have an appointment with our Doctor for check ups. We meet with her and then run some errands.

After we get back home we start to paint the second and final coat on the back of the house. Mike and I paint it together and we get it done really fast.

Here is Mike painting with the little supervisor.

The back of the house is completely done. I like this color so much better than the old color.

The man from the paving company finally shows up after 2 weeks to give an estimate. I'm sure this estimate will be extremely high. Oh I can't wait for that, lol.

After he leaves I call the Statuary and talk to the owner about our table bench bases. He says they have other bench bases that are 2" higher but they are very plain. I ask him if we can exchange our "too" short legs for the correct ones. He says no problem. So now Mike and I have to travel about 3 hours to fix a mistake that should have never happened in the first place. Just another example of how some businesses and people are today. No pride.

First thing this morning Mike says we should paint the front of the house. Sounds like a plan! We get out the ladders, the paint supplies and get started. Woo hoo.

Mike gets on the ladder and starts painting the upper part of the house.

I work on painting the lower portion.

This is going to look so much nicer but it will be hotter. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

The first coat is on the front of the house except for the very top by the gutters. Yay we beat the rain.

The next part will be harder. We have to take the gutters down, paint the house once, let it dry and put the painted gutters back on the house. This will take some time and we will need at least 2-3 days in a row of hot sunny weather. Good luck with that, lol.

After we clean up from painting we load up the table legs into the Jeep and head out. On our way we stop at the Mayor's office in town. We picked up the septic approval for our back property that is for sale. Wonder of wonders the woman running the office wasn't there when she was supposed to be and we had to wait for her to get back from lunch. So much for posted hours. Anyway we got the approval so that's what counts.

Next we made the long and windy drive and exchanged out table bench legs.
On our way home we stopped at our Doctor's office to get our lab results. Oh oh the Doctor wants to see both of us. Thankfully it is nothing bad just a couple of changes we both need to make.

Then we stopped at the other property so Mike could see what parts we need for the motorhome. While we were there I saw the mama goose and her babies. I tried to get a good shot but they were spooked.


Ah- finally we get back home. Mike loads all 6 posts into the tractor and brings them down to the patio. From there we carry them over to the table. There are some rough high parts of concrete sticking out from when the statuary formed them. Mike gets the grinder out to fix it.

Now the bench posts are flat on top and we put the bench tops on. Finally our table is in place with the correct bench legs.

The rain held off all day but it looks like a storm is coming in.

It rained all night and everything is wet. Mike and I drive to Lowe's to see is we can find the parts for the motorhome.

It rained really hard last night. The lawns and my gardens are loving it. at least for now, but we are at a standstill with all the painting.

Part of the walkway next to the house got washed out from all of the rain. It will be really nice when that is paved and has curbs. Mike had to take the tractor and fix the washout.

We drove down the driveway to check the culverts. They are both clear but we do have a lot of back up mud in front of the small dams we made. Those will eventually have to be dug out. They are doing the job though. The little dams are keeping all of that mud out of the culverts. Soon we will have to call Jimmy so he can dig out the dams and bring us more rock to fill the ditches. Oh how I dread that job. Mike likes working with the rocks me not so much, lol.

Mike did a couple of oddball jobs. He raised the drain at the back of our house.

Here is a picture of the back starting to look neat and clean.

With all of this rain, our clover on the side of the house is starting to come in.

I hope you all enjoyed another quickie update in the Mike and Lisa world.


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