Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chapter 94...Baby Calves and Apple Tree Blossoms

Off Grid...Chapter 94

Mike and I have been very busy but not so much with our land and house. We also got some much needed rain. Hopefully this will turn everything green

While I was on line that morning Mike yelled to me to get the camera and check this out. I went to our front door and looked out. Our gray cow had a calf and the calf is also gray She hasn't had a calf since we have lived here. I'm not sure if this calf will be friendly considering her mother is the most unsociable cow you have ever seen.

Here are some baby pictures:

Isn't he/she cute?

Right after that we got a phone call. Someone is coming to look at our A/C for sale. While we wait I go up and plant radishes and carrots in my garden.

The man shows up, buys the A/C, and tells Mike he does Aerial Photography. He says he will come out sometime to take pictures of our place and send them to us. That would be so cool.

Later on we noticed Jimmy, our grader working across the way. He just bought 20 acres across from us so we went to visit. Mike talked to him about making more flat areas on our land while we were there.

Back at home I mowed the back lawn.

Big day for us today. We are supposed to close on both of our properties that are close to town. We find out that one of the closings has been rescheduled for the next morning.

While we waited for the afternoon to close the one piece, Mike spread some extra Lyme on our lawn.

My little onions are just starting to pop

While I was over getting water I heard all of this buzzing. There were hundreds, or so it seemed, bees in the blooming apple tree. I couldn't get a picture of the bees in there but here is a picture of the apple tree blooming.

The apple trees all over the property are blooming.

We got to the lawyers to close the property and then went with the couple to walk it. They are happy and we are happy.

On our way we got a call from Mike's daughter. She asked us to watch her daughter for a few hours. She just helped us with the payment on a heater that we sold to someone in Montana so we owed her. Our granddaughter stayed with us for dinner and then we went in the mini motor home. She loves it. She wanted to stay in there all night. We promised to take her camping for her 6th birthday in June...she is thrilled....and so am I, lol.

We closed on the second property this morning. Woo hoo. This is the one that was very time consuming for Mike and I. No more mowing and weed whacking....happy dance....yay

Now that both properties closed we can sell our zero turn mower. Mike got a call and a man is supposed to show today. While we waited Mike went down and graded the gravel part of our driveway.

We waited and waited and no one showed up. Later that afternoon we got an e-mail form him. Apparently he was afraid to come in our gate even though we left it unlocked for him. He said we were barricaded I guess he has never had cows. Oh well.

We had to go to town to pick up a big box to send the heater out. We got home and Mike packed it up.

Once we are back home Mike and I try to figure out how we are going to re do our shower. For those of you who don't know, the floor in our shower cracked last year. We knew we would have to do something about it when we got back home. Mike decides to call the manufacturer to see what they say. Hey it's our lucky day. They had trouble with the foam in the floors of our shower so they are sending us new walls and a new floor. It will be a lot of work but at least we don't have to build a whole new shower. They are supposed to send it out next week.

Then Mike gets a call about our wind generator...the big one. He has had more headaches with this and than anything else. People call and have no idea what it does. So he has to give lessons. It would be ok if they were really interested in buying it but these people have no intention of buying. The think they can plug in 1 wind generator into their house and they will run everything. So this one man says he wants to see it.

He shows up with a 16 foot trailer While he and Mike are talking I go down to finally work on the wild blackberry bushes. I brought my gloves, clippers, and one bucket, lol. Yeah, soon enough I figure out the bucket is worthless, lol.

Here is the first mess.

And after I did some cleaning.

Now I have to figure out how to get my stacks of briers out of here. It's too steep to bring the 4-wheeler and trailer. I think I will have to bring a tarp down and drag them down to the driveway.

After 2 hours with the man he doesn't buy the wind generator. Mike is not a happy camper over the waste of time. Like I said, if you are really interested we will bot help all we's the people who are just wasting time that we have trouble with. Oh well.

We get another call about the lawn mower. This man is 2 hours away. He gives us a time that he will be here.

While we wait, Mike takes me to the greenhouse at the High School. They grow plants from seeds and sell the plants every spring for .25 each. I am so excited. Last year I was too late. Woo hoo. I went a little crazy. I got 28tomato plants, 4 yellow squash, 3 zucchini, 8 peppers, some marigolds and nasturtium. I can't wait to plant them in my garden...but I have to wait until after May 10

When we get home the man shows p. He is thrilled with the mower and he is also happy the other man never came through our gate, lol

Not too much going on. It has been a rainy week. After people have been on our parking area Mike decides to blow it off and clean it up.

We do have some new grease stains

Our morning view with the clouds over the mountains.

Niki and I checking out my onions. 

And she's watching Mike.

Today we promised to take our grandson to the movies. We can only do one grandchild at a time, lol. They are just too much when they are together.
We went to see "How To Train A Dragon"..which was actually pretty good, pigged out on popcorn and candy and came home so our grandson could see Niki.

All in all it was a very good week. Lots of waiting, stress, and lots of ups and downs but it all worked out.

Hopefully we can stop dealing with so many people and get back to work this coming week I hope you enjoyed our shorter story this week.



  1. If you had a nice zoom camera you would have been able to zoom right into the apple trees and see the bees. :) LOL

    1. That is true. It was a great picture to capture.

    2. Fascinating scenery!Looks like a bumper crop of apples coming up! :)

    3. So many apple trees:) I just have to share with the cows and the deer.