Friday, February 22, 2013

Chapter 73...Installing Metal Edging For Metal Roof

Off Grid...Chapter 73

Today it's time for a job that is long overdue. Last year when we put the metal roof on the house we never finished the edges. This has been on Mike's mind for quite some time so we ordered the edging and picked it up from David's last week. Now it's time to get it on the house. Mike thought he would have to buy a tin cutter to do this job but they were kind of expensive for just one small job. That was one of our delays. Just trying to decide what we would use to cut the metal. Next he thought he could use the saws all(reciprocating saw) but that left a sharp and jagged edge on the house. Finally he decided to use his "trusty and favorite" cut off wheel. To do this job Mike has to first cut off the excess metal on the edge around the house and then we can install the new trim pieces.

Here is Mike cutting off the excess from our roof on the first side.

The roof trim comes in 10 foot sections. We measure the length and space the edging evenly on the roof. After those are cut to size we put the double sided tape on the roof. Then we stick the roof edging to the tape and then Mike can screw it into the side and top of the house.

Here is Mike screwing in the new trim.

We get everything to look good and we work our way down the roof top. The first side of the house is done.

After the first side is done we move over to work on the second side. The back trim is different so that will be last to go on.

Here is Mike cutting off the excess metal.

And cutting off the last piece on that side.

After the last piece is cut off we have to clean off the metal debris and filings that are on the roof. I go into the building and bring the blower back for Mike. We like to clean the easy way, lol. He blows off the roof and we measure out where the trim pieces need to go. Next we are ready to tape.

Putting the double sided tape down onto the roof.

The first pieces of trim are on.

Mike is screwing down the trim.

Yay the second side is done. 

Now we just have to do the back piece which is the long one.

Here is Mike cutting off the excess on the back of the house.

We had more rain this morning which messed up our appointment with one of Jimmy's guys. We were hoping to have the house backfilled but it was just too wet to bring any trucks up. We'll have to wait until next week.

After the rain stops Mike and I go out to finish the back trim. The back trim doesn't need any tape. This just gets screwed down.

Here is Mike screwing on the back trim.

And the back trim is done.

Well at least the house has a nice finished edge and nothing can get underneath. I would have rather re painted the house before we put the trim on but Mike has a thing about getting material off the floor. Oh well just more cut in work.

Little by little we are getting some of the finishing touches done. Our plans for the outside of the house include changing the paint color, adding clover to both sides of the house, planting a garden along the whole back of the house, doing stucco on the front walls, finding plants for the front garden, finding an awning or something for the front doors, and adding a table and chairs.

I walked out in front of the house and our front lawn is starting to come in.

This morning it is very windy and cloudy. It was a rare day because Mike and I both felt relaxed. Woo hoo. We are very rarely chilled with no guilt about it. So for the first time we enjoyed our morning coffee on our new patio. We sat in the plastic chairs that we had from the last 3 years.

We plan on buying a round concrete marble topped table and benches for the patio. We decided to go with this because of the maintenance free aspect. It doesn't need to be moved or covered. Once it is in place it will stay forever, lol. We called all different places and no one has one. I found one place that can make one so I asked him to call us when he makes one. I would have thought that at least one would be made for the summer season. I don't think they are big sellers because they are just too hard to move. One table and 3 benched weighs 1200 pounds I told Mike "when we get the table we have to call Randy the Bear to help us move it". There is no way Mike and I will be able to move it to the patio.

I have also been on the look out for 2 resin Adirondack chairs with the foot rests. They are so comfortable. We've had 2 different sets over the past 6 years and we love them. Our one chair broke and of course I can't find another tan one. Why do they make outside chairs in blues, reds, yellows, etc.? What does that have to do with outside and natural? Anyway it is really hard to find. Mike thinks he saw them at Lowe's but they don't sell the foot rests. Looks like if I find them it will be at different places.

So back to our relaxing day. I did some work around the house and Mike went up to work in his building.

He installed more ground wires in the electrical box.

We also have a ground rod next to the gray building and a ground wire.

Next Mike found a piece of wood that he wants to use for an address sign. First he paints it green.

After it dries he will add a no trespassing sign and put our address numbers on the sign. Then it will get hung on our front bottom gate.

First thing this morning as usual I turned on my computer to go on line. My whole computer screen was black. Thinking it was something I did I shut it down and re started it. It seems fine now.

That was just another quick update in our life. I hope you all enjoyed the story.


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