Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chapter 102...My Garden & Cleaning The Sides Of Our Road

Off Grid...Chapter 102

Now for this week's story which is very short and sweet. It has been extremely hot here which has made it unbearable to be outside from about noon until 8pm. We are on the clean up round from Jimmy's crew working here. We have a mess on both sides of our driveway to clean up. There is a lot of rocky debris that was left behind from all the digging. Mike and I have to shovel all the rock and move it to a hole somewhere, rake and seed the dirt and hope for rain.

The first part to fix is on out right-of-way where the edge of our road was crushed and started to collapse from the track hoe. Mike and I had Jimmy place a huge rock and push it in to the side of the section that was crushed. Then we can use the rock as a support and fill it in with rock and dirt.

The rock on the side of the collapsed road.

We started off shoveling the rock that I left by the big hill by the barn. We put that into the bucket and Mike dropped it on top of the rock. We had about 3 loads of rocky debris from that area. We shoveled about 3 more loads of rock from the side of our driveway after we raked it. Mike added 2 loads of top soil.

Mike blades the top soil on top of the rock.

Mike rakes out the dirt on the side of the right-if-way. The rock is below.

Then Mike adds the seed.

And the straw.

Now the side of the road should hold.

The first rocky area to be done.

And after it is cleaned.

The next section we work on.

Mike uses the tractor to scrape the dirt so it's easier for us to shovel and rake.

More scraping.

After Mike scrapes the dirt, I rake the debris into piles, and then Mike and I both shovel the debris onto the bucket.

Here I am shoveling.

The next area is cleaned to the gate and ready for seed.

The left side is also cleaned and ready for seed.

After that we seeded all of we just need a little rain.

We bought a dehumidifier for the house because it has been so humid. It is working well and we have no trouble running it and a couple of fans on our system. Mike did a great job on our solar system.

And lastly I'll leave you with a few pictures.

Here is our view from yesterday...all nice and green but a little dry.

My garden is doing well. The plants in the pots are doing a little wilting but hopefully they will come back when it gets a little cooler. Here are my tomatoes, cucumbers and beans.

And my yellow squash and zucchini which I have already picked and eaten.

Lisa, Mike, and Niki


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