Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chapter 89...Kool Seal For The Metal Roof

Off Grid...Chapter 89


It looks like a rainy day again but we did get a couple of things done.

Since we had a mouse get into our shipping container it's time to change out the grate where the mouse got in. We fixed that with a heavier piece of metal.

Since we also have an air vent going into the house we better change that also. We really don't want any mice inside the house so Mike is going to change the grate on the air vent.

First Mike cuts the screen for the vent.

Then he puts it over the vent cover.

He screws the cover back on the house.

And then he paints it. It still needs one more coat.

We went to the electric company to find out what we need to do to bring electric into our barn. After that we go and get the supplies.

Today we get to work on real electric so we head down to the barn to get started. We are going to make a shop area with an overhead light.

First I have to clean out some of the old hay(it's clean...LOL)

This is the stall where we will have the electric and shop light.

Mike installs the box and wiring in the barn.

Banging in the ground rod outside the barn.

And finally Mike hangs the shop light.

We are ready for a rough in inspection.

This morning we met with the electric inspector to schedule an inspection. He will be out later this afternoon.

We passed the rough in but he couldn't ok us on the final because we didn't put a meter can on the outside of the barn.

Thanks to Jimmy we didn't install one. Jimmy said since Mike and I are going to put the meter at the gate and we didn't run the underground wire we should wait. Well what none of us remembered is that the electric company reads the meters from the office now and we don't need the can at the road. We all should have known better considering Jimmy's brother works for the electric company. So now Mike and I have to buy a meter can and install that.

It looks like a good day so Mike and I start on the roof coating. We bought the Kool Seal which is like a rubber coating that rolls on the roof. It will completely seal any holes made from any screws or seams. It should also help deaden the noise when it rains hard.

Mike and I do this job together. He starts rolling the first row of 5 panels and I start the next row of 5 panels right after him.

Here I am painting on the Kool seal.

After a few hours we get the first coat on the roof. It took us longer than expected but it was an easy job. We will roll on the second coat tomorrow.

Back to the roof. We did the same routine today.

Here is Mike rolling on the second coat.

And he is at the edge and almost done.

This rubber coating should really make a difference for our roof.

That's all for this now. I hope you all enjoyed the story.



  1. I gather it was not practical to hook into M&L electric grid for the barn?

    1. It's too far away for us to do that.

    2. I also now understand why you hooked into the power company ... regarding property valve thing. Makes sense.