Friday, February 22, 2013

Chapter 75...Cleaning The Water Tank And Clover On The Hill

Off Grid...Chapter 75

Mike went up to start our generator this morning and it wouldn't start. Uh oh. This is a first. Mike checked all the fluids and thankfully it just needed some oil. Ok one problem solved.

Next he changed out the drain cover at the top of the back of the house. this is the drain that catches any water from our yard and is supposed to run through the drain pipes, go around the house, and run out each of the pipes on the side and out to the front yard. We had a slotted top and it should have been a solid cover.

Mike changing the cover.

And the new cover is on.

Finally we are going to finish the first side hill. Hopefully this will be the "last" time. It is all raked out.

Mike is seeding it with White Dutch Clover Seed.

After the seed is down we roll out the curlex to keep it in place. Here is Mike stapling down the first piece of curlex next to the wall.

We roll out the next piece and Mike starts to staple the seam.

After we get all the seed and curlex on the first side I start shoveling the gravel in the driveway. We want to make sure there is no more dirt left. So I shovel any extra gravel I can find into 5 gallon buckets. then I dump the buckets of gravel along the drive and the curlex. We are almost to the point of no more mud. Yay.

The curlex and the gravel on the first side of the house is done. Woo hoo.

Later on that day Mike and I take a break from doing any work. We are taking Mike's granddaughter out for her birthday. She is going to be 5 years old and we are taking her to 2 of her favorite places for a special treat. We get to her house and she is almost bursting with excitement. She has no idea where we are going. It's kind of fun because we really don't see her often. First we took her to a girly girl store called Claire's. It is a store full of the biggest most overpriced junk for a little girl and she loves it, lol. Mike told her she could go in and get whatever she wants. Now this is a first. Mike won't even let me do that, lol. Anyway, let me tell you this little girl is a born "power shopper". She filled her basket in less than 10 minutes and went up to Papa and said "I'm done". Wow I feel so sorry for her future husband. At least she knows what she wants, lol. Then we went out for Chinese which is her favorite. We had a great time spoiling her and then we got to send her home with all of her goodies.

I took my stroll with Niki this morning. We go up everyday to check on my gardens. I spotted my very first tomato. Woo hoo. I am so excited about seeing my own vegetables grow.

Today Mike wants to clean out our underground water tank. Sure he picks today after we just added water yesterday. Our water is back to being crystal clear. We only had that problem that one time when we got muck in our tank. That was the last time we had to clean it out. We think the muck was because the tank was new and we had some really heavy rains at the time. So now the water is good but we still have to clean the tank.

Mike takes the big lid off the tank and puts the water pump into the tank to drain it and he turns the pump on. It works for a little while and then it stops. Uh uh, here we go again. Mike checks it and it is getting overheated so Mike lowers the water pump inside the tank where it is much cooler. Ah now it is working but it is going to take a long time to drain the water. At least the lawn will be watered.

While we are waiting for the tank to drain Mike wants to fix our well cover. It settled over the winter and now it is crooked which, of course, is driving Mike crazy.

First we take the concrete lid off and then we start to dig around the bottom so we can make it level.
Then we take out the old plastic and the old insulation that was inside. Once we get the cover level we make our own nice and neat insulation rolls form some extra insulation that we have.

Our new insulation in the well.

We put the lid back on and now that's just another small job off the list.

The tank is empty and now it's time for the fun part, lol. Mike has to get inside the tank and hose the walls down and get the rest of the water and any debris sucked up. Then he will wipe it all down with clean towels and we will re fill it. We won't fill it as high since it is the summer and it is much warmer out. We will just add water a little more often to make sure it stays fresh.

Mike just getting into the tank.

I stay up top and hand him things. He works his way out from the far end of the tank. I hand him the hose and he sprays down the walls to clean them. He gives the hose back to me and he takes the pump to suck up the water. We swap again but this time I hand him towels to wipe everything down.

Here is Mike cleaning the tank.

And he is almost done. It's almost like new again.

It really doesn't take us that long to do. The longest part is draining the water out of the tank. At least the lawn got a good dousing.

Next we start to work on the second hill next to the house. A lot of the rock and debris fell down to our front yard so we have a lot of cleaning and raking to do. The soil that Brian brought up for this side is very rocky. I start raking with the rock rake and then shovel it up and fill the tractor bucket. Mike brings the tractor down and dumps the rock on the pond wall. Then he scoops fresh dirt and brings it back up top for me to sift through again. What a great guy, lol.

Here I am working on the second side of the house.

I fill the tractor bucket about 5 times. then Mike and I go to the front of the house on the same side. We rake up the rock that rolled down the hill to the front yard. Mike parks the tractor on the outside of our fence and we fill 5 gallon buckets with rock. then we dump the buckets into the tractor bucket.

Here is Mike taking a short cut down the big hill to the driveway. He starts to tip. he had to put the back blade down for some extra support.

It was a good day today. We got some good things accomplished. When we got back into the house we turned on our water and the inside pump was making a racket. It sounds like there is air in the lines somewhere. Oh well just something else for us to do. Tomorrow is another day and we will figure out where the problem is.

I hope you enjoyed another look into the Mike and Lisa world.


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