Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chapter 78...New House Paint And New Trim

Off Grid...Chapter 78

Today is another rainy day. We are going to float away with all of this rain this year. Last year it was drought and this year it's floods. Maybe next year we will have something in between, lol. I was supposed to go to the Dentist today but it is way to nasty to go out this morning. Why put yourself into a bad situation when it isn't necessary? I spent the morning getting caught up on the story and uploading all of the pictures. I will never get that far behind again!! After that I worked on writing ads and doing pictures for both of the properties that we are selling.

By the time we had breakfast, 11:00am, it stopped raining. It was still way to wet to do any work outside so we took a ride to check on the culvert, which looks great. Then we went over to check on the other property. We really wanted to get some painting done but now we have to wait for everything to dry out.

Here is a picture of our 6 new trees that we planted on the back fence. Hopefully we can keep them alive. They have been in shade for 2 years and now they will be in full sun. We'll see how they do.

I finally made it to town and the Dentist. After the Dentist I also had to stop at the local paper to place our ads. They had an awesome deal. They will run a picture ad in all 4 of their publications for 7 months for $109.00. You can't beat that price. Although it is a tough time for selling real estate here.

What a difference one day makes. It is going to be "hot". When I got home, Mike started working on the old trim on the house. Last year we were in such a rush to get the house closed in that we just put up 1x4 trim which was very plain. Now Mike wants a more decorative look. It never bothered me, lol.

First Mike takes down the old trim.

After all the old trim is off we need to scrape the paint underneath so the surface is smooth.

Scraping the paint.

It always looks worse before it can look better.

We didn't get a lot done but the old trim is down and the house is scraped. Now we are ready to put the new trim on.

We should really get somewhere today. It's a nice day to work on the trim. First we have to measure and cut the pieces of trim. Then we will screw them into the house. Mike is cutting the trim pieces on an angle so that the pieces will slide together and overlap. The seams will be less noticeable.

Cutting the new trim.

Mike installing th new bottom trim.

After all the trim is up Mike caulks it to protect the seams.

Yay, it's another beautiful morning. We bought trim for the upper section of the house. This trim is unfinished so we will have to paint it first and then put it on the house.

Mike goes up top and gets me set up for painting.

Here I am painting the trim.

While the trim is drying and I have the paint out I might as well start painting the back of the house.

The first coat of green paint is on the back of the house.

And the trim dried and also got a second coat of paint. The trim is done and ready to install.

Mike and I take the trim pieces down to the front of the house. We predrill the holes in the trim to make it easier to screw into the house. While Mike is on the ladder, I hand him each piece of trim so he can screw them in.

Mike is installing the top painted trim.

After we get that done, we go inside and I call about our concrete table. It will be ready to pick up this weekend. Woo hoo.

It looks like rain again so we did some running around. We went to the dump and on the way home we stopped at David's. I talked to the girls about vegetables and gardens which is right up my alley, lol. If it has to do with food I'm in. Next we stopped off to see what Jimmy and his guys were up to.

Later on Mike braved the weather and decided to do some caulking. It threatened to rain all day but thankfully it didn't. Now we have to hope it doesn't start now that Mike did the caulking.

I hope you all enjoyed another update in the Mike and Lisa world.


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