Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chapter 66...My Square Foot Garden..2

Off Grid...Chapter...66

Hi all. I am posting more pictures and an update on my Square Foot Garden. I have never done any gardening before so if anyone sees something I should be aware of please let me know.

I made my first garden on 5/16/09 and planted beans and cukes. On 5/24/09 I planted my peppers and tomatoes.

Garden is sprouting on 5-27-09.

I thinned out my beans to 9 per square foot as recommended by the SFG book. On 6/1/09 I had some questions about my cucumber seeds because I seemed to have too many.

I wrote in and asked about that and I was told to trim them back. Here they are trimmed back.

On 6-6-09 my DH helped me build another garden bed. We used some leftover wood from our solar panel mounts. Here is a 3x10 bed.

I am very excited about being able to plant the rest of my plants. We moved the bed into a different area. Hopefully it will stay here permanently and next year we will add one more the same size. I might fence it off so the plants have a built in climbing support.

My DH is dumping in some fertile dirt to help me build up the bed.

Next I put the weed cloth in.

Then I dump the ingredients for the special soil mix on a tarp.

Here I am mixing it all together.

And now the fun part. I planted the almost all of the rest of my veggies. I planted 3 kinds of peppers, 4 kinds of tomatoes, 2 summer squash, and 1 zucchini plant. Here is my new garden.

I am very excited and I will be happy if 1/2 of my veggies produce. If they all produce come on over and help me out.

I will post another update when things start growing. I am finding out that I don't have the patience for gardening. I want everything "now", lol. But I have to wait about 60 days just like everyone else, lol.

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