Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A New Storm Door and Our First Sale At The Store…Finally

Mike and I are finally on track fro opening the store.  We figured since it was getting pretty full it was time to have some weekend sales.  First we have to install the storm door that we bought last year, lol.

Mike hates doing storm doors.  First he checks to see if the frame will fit our opening:

Now that the frame looks good, we take it off and screw the frame into the door.  It's easier to do while it the door is not on the frame:

The frame is screwed on the door:

Screwing the frame and door to the door jam:

Screwing the other side into the door jam:

Screwing the handle on the door:

Adding the bracket to hold the door closer:

Putting the door closer on:

Ooh it looks nice.  Now we have a glass door with a screen:

All done:

Now we are ready.  This past Friday and Saturday we opened the store for our first big yard sale.

Here is our sale.

Outside stuff:

And inside:

Ella gave us her doll house and dolls to sell.  She is trying to make money for her Space Camp trip:

Mike's little baggies of hardware.  We have learned over the years that people love the little baggies of stuff, lol:

Some cabinets:

Some of the chairs:

More things:

My shelves of household stuff….mostly from Nicole, lol:

And the books I have read:

More stuff from the kids…does anyone want to buy some nice puppets?:

Nicole's old Island cabinets:

I told you we had a lot of stuff, lol.  We did very well for two days of selling.  A lot of the big stuff is already gone.  We will do some more sales into the fall and then close it up for the year.

Next week I will update you on some new things to come.

Have a great week.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quick Update….

Hello everyone.  I know it has been a long time.  Suffice it to say life is changing for Mike and I.  We have an overwhelming amount of things going on right now.

This week we bought a new house to remodel during the winter.  It is different than any other.

I will update you when things calm a bit.  Hopefully that will be by the end of this month.

Mike and Lisa