Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chapter 50...Beefing Up My Pantry

Off Grid...Chapter 50

Hello everyone. I hope you all didn't get too much snow yesterday. For those of you who didn't we have plenty up on our mountain to share.

Monday 2-23

While Mike and I were eating breakfast we heard a crash and then another crash. Crashes are never good. It was coming from the kitchen so I started opening doors in the kitchen. I opened up the pantry door and sure enough two of the shelves with all my cans collapsed from all the weight, lol. We were hoping that the brackets that came with the pantry would be sufficient but I guess the cabinet company never planned on a lunatic like me stocking their pantry's.

Well on the plus side it gave us something to do and this time we did it right. First Mike and I went up to the building to get supplies to do the pantry right. It's amazing how much stuff you need for one little project. Once we got back down to the house I emptied the cans out of the pantry putting some in a big container and the rest all over the counter.

While I was doing that Mike started cutting strips of wood to use as side rails for the pantry. The side rails will hold up the shelves. We should have done this in the first place.

After the side rails were cut Mike put glue on them.

Then he glued and screwed them inside the pantry.

After he puts the 6 side rails in then the shelves can go back in.

Now I have a nice sturdy pantry.

I just have to wait 24 hours for the glue to dry and than I can put the cans back in.

Tuesday 2-24
We are still waiting for the glue to dry so we decide to make a dump run. Mike hooks up our old trailer to the jeep and we load up. Next we head over to our other property and we completely empty out all of our trash from the other building. We loaded up a combo washer/dryer which was originally from the coach and also the original mattress from the coach. Now the building is completely empty and ready to move. Now if we could just get the land to dry out.

At the dump Mike tells the guys about the washer/dryer and they want it which is good because we don't have to pay to dump it. They are getting a deal because inside the w/d is the instruction manual and it still works good.
It's just another thing off of our list and it will make someone happy.

When we get home I can finally re-organize my pantry, woo hoo. Everything is all nice and neat and I have a little room for more food. I better go shopping. If you haven't figured it out I am a food hoarder. At least Mike and I will never starve, lol.

Thursday 2-26
I went to town for another Dentist check in and also did a little running around. Poor Mike is stuck in the house with nothing to do.

Saturday 2-28
It's the last day of February we are very happy about it. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow so we head to town to pick up some of the basics in case we get snowed in.

Sunday 3-1
Happy March. Woo hoo only 3 more weeks until Spring. Unfortunately our welcome to March is mot a friendly one.

It is starting to snow.

By the afternoon it is almost a whiteout. We are now supposed to get 5-10 inches of snow. Oh no, we will never get down our driveway.

As much as we don't want to see anymore snow it really is beautiful. Here is the snow in the tree branches. I love this.

As beautiful as this looks we will be very happy if we don't see snow again until next winter. It's funny we have these little black birds that only come out when it snows. We haven't seen them in a couple of weeks or so. As soon as it started snowing they swarmed our birdhouse. They learned very fast where to come for the food in bad weather.

We did have to use the generator today to charge up our batteries. It looks like we can go about 4 days of clouds before we need some help. Mike thinks he will be able to improve this when he changes our system.

I hope you enjoyed our little update. 



  1. Hopefully the old saying about March is true ... In like a lion, out like a lamb. :)

    With all the canned goods you have ... do you make anything from scratch? Say like homemade soups etc. Just curious. A nice big bowl of homemade soup and stew on a cold winter day is soooo good!!

    1. What timing. I actually have a batch of vegetable soup in the canner right now. I almost had heart failure when I saw the price of Chunky vegetable soup. I love to book and bake. I do many things from scratch. I am thinking of doing a "Tasty Thursday" each week on my blog. It will be about something from the kitchen. I must get back to my canning and cleaning today. I will get back to you later:)