Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Moving Day on the Property the Lumber Delivery and Wall Building

Going back to 11-16-17

We have been in Florida for one month.  Since we only booked a month long stay at the campground it's time to move over to the property.  Some things will be harder for us but just being able to wake up and work will be nice.  No more driving back and forth. 

Once at the property we park in our regular spot on the driveway then we start moving things around to make the building easier. 

First the solar panels get moved:

Then the rack:

Mike checking our work:

Now for the trailers.  The big one in place for our tools:

Moving the small trailer which has most of our yard equipment:

Trailers set up:  

Then we will move the van over behind the slab.

The lumber is here to start the framing...and our work is about to begin:

Ugh...all the straps broke when the driver dropped the lumber.  We need to re stack it all and keep it covered:


A new day...time to start building some exterior walls.  First we have to move all of the lumber onto the slab.  Then we can start building.

Mike drilling holes in the sill plate to go over the slab anchor bolts:

Once we measured and cut the 2x4's we lay them out so we can nail them together:

First wall up and anchored to the slab.  The second section is complete with window framed out.  Mike uses a 2x4 to brace the 10 foot sections to the slab:

We couldn't wait to see what a wall would like like so we nailed a piece of siding on.  We are like two kids just wanted to see something of a finished product.  Sadly we have to keep going with the walls first, lol.

For the remainder of the day we made sure we got everything set up.  Since we don't have electric on the property we need to let the solar panels charge the batteries for the coach so he has TV at night.  We will need to use the generator for all the electric for building.

The next day we start back on the walls.  We have almost 200 2x4's and all of them need to be measured and cut down.  We will do one 10 foot wall at a time.

Laying out the wood to nail and getting ready to stand a wall:

Mike putting in the top plate which is a 2x4 long board that overlaps where the walls come together:

Foam tape is rolled out underneath the pressure treated base plate:

Working on a window wall.  They always take the longest:

Mike nailing in the headers:

Our last wall for the day:

Since we are boondocking here we have to spend more time on our daily "living" which takes away from our work.  We are also taking things slower this time around.

Our goal is to be covered in and under roof in one month.

Next up...more exterior walls.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Getting the Metal and Prepping & Pouring the Slab


It's going to be a busy and productive couple of days.  

First thing this morning we get the metal delivery for the slab:

Then the pest men show up to spray the slab before the concrete gets poured.  This is to protect the building from Florida pests and termites:


They really doused it on so the pad should be well protected.

Meanwhile Mike and I did some yard clean up....something we will be doing on and off for a very long time:

Pulling out a tump with the tractor.  Love that tractor, lol:

 The concrete crew shows up to put down the plastic and the metal and at the same time our trusses show up.

A little early but better than late:

The concrete company starts out by laying plastic over the entire slab:

Then they add the metal grid to beef up the concrete:


They are done for the day and ready to pour tomorrow:


The first concrete truck is here and one of the crew is working on the footers:

Spreading it out:

One truck is empty:

Time to level off that section until the next truck arrives:

Second truck in and poured.  Time to use the float and spread it out:

Mike putting in the anchor bolts to secure the frame to the concrete:

Using the trowel machine to finish and smooth:

Almost done:

We now have a slab.  Tomorrow they will come back to cut the expansion lines....then it;s time for Mike and I to get to work on building:

Next up....getting trailers moved closer to the slab and getting lumber to begin the building.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Getting the Footers Dug and Putting the Plumbing in the Ground

Back to 11-9-17.

The concrete crew came and hand dug the footers around the perimeter of the pad.  That took them all day.  Thankfully that will give Mike and I a full weekend to do all of the plumbing before the concrete is poured.


The metal/rebar delivery which will be in the footers and the slab:

It's time to get to work and Mike is really going to have to put on his thinking cap.  A lot of calculations need to be done to make sure "all" of the plumbing is on before the concrete is poured.

First we laid out the 4 inch pipes to the side of the pad.  Then we started digging.  At least it is easy at this point as it is just sand:

You can see behind where the septic will be located:

In between this we are still getting sand delivered and Mike has to make sure it gets pushed down the hill before a new delivery:

It's getting bigger.  We need about 25 feet by 50 feet on the top...so about 20 loads of sand:

Mike grading the top in preparation for the next truck load:

And back to plumbing:

Just the beginning of getting the pipes cleaned and glued:

Now there's a configuration.  This is for the tub drain, 2 inch, and the toilet, 4 inch:

Those pipes are in the sand and time for the next section:

Tub, toilet and sink pipes are in.  Moving on the utility room:

And then the kitchen area.  Using level to make sure all pipes on the end will flow into the main 4 inch pipe and then out the end:

Adding the extensions to run the pipes inside the walls:

Covering what we completed:

And just when things were going smoothly.  The tractor got a flat tire and our sand man is going to meet us early the next morning:

We must be tired, lol.  We dragged out the jack when we could have lifted the tractor off the gorund using the bucket.  Sometimes, lol:

The tire came partially off the rim.  We had to clean all of the hardened much off first and then use the compressor to blow all of the sand out and fill with air.  Mike used a hammer to bang the tire to pop it back onto the rim.  Hopefully it holds until the morning.

We are back the next morning and the tractor is good:)

This is the last section to do.  It is for the second bathroom which is a repeat of the first section in reverse.  The digging is getting harder as we need a slope going down to this end.  We are now in the hard/clay/much stuff:

Getting the trench dug for the pipe to exit out and into the septic lines:

Vanity sink pipe in and toilet pipe ready to be installed:

Two out of 4 are done:

The main 4 inch pipe making a turn to go out to the septic tank:

Mike working on the 2 inch pipe for the tub drain:

We had a few minor cave ins with the sand while working so close to the footer edge.  We fixed it all up when we were finished:

Yay...no more pipes on the "inside":

All done and cleaned up:

Whew we are ready for the concrete crew.  Mike was worried until we got it done.  It was a lot of work and we didn't want to hold up the contractors:

Just another few days of work being completed.  Next...the foundation...and then we can start to build.