Wednesday, April 11, 2018

More Siding Going Up With Some Help

I am sorry I have been so far behind.  We have been trying to get the farm in order for inspection in May.  We have been clearing land and doing fencing.  We also got sidetracked and had to build a large pen area and pick up some baby Pygmy goats...but that is for a future story:)

OK...back to the siding.  Our friends, M&J, insisted on helping us with all of the staining.  We used a solid stain in cedar for the color.  M also has a good tip for painting.  She wears her shirt inside out to keep any less off of the outside:

Mike filling over our 4 inch pipe to the septic:

Since we had the great help with staining we didn't want to hold up the process.  So the boards went up and then we cut out for the windows:

Up close:

From the back side:

Almost halfway done with the siding:

Getting a window ready:

First one in:

Taking a break:

Three sides are done:

Next up we will complete the siding but it will be time for the hard job...the trusses!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Finishing the Septic Lines

Now that the contractors are gone and the septic has been inspected and passed it's time for Mike and I to get started in the septic lines that will run from the building to the septic tank.  We have to run 60 feet of pipe.

Mike in the ditch line with all the plumbing parts:

Adding a pipe that has a spot for the building septic line and also one for the van:

Using the cleaner and then the glue to seal the 4 inch pipes:

Instead or purple we are going with the blue cement this time.  We had some problems with the purple when we did the pipes inside the slab:

Getting the 10 foot pipes connected and making sure we go slightly down hill into the septic tank:

Making the turn to get it into the tank:

Now we have to get the lid off the tank.  Since it is too heavy for us to lift we need a little help from the tractor.  I chained it up and Mike lifts it:

Getting the pipe inside the tank:

The septic system is complete.  Now we just have to cover it and clean up:

Doing some by hand to make sure all of the pipes are sloped to the tank:

The messes we make:

Mike starts to fill the ditch:

It will take some time but eventually we will have grass on all of this:

Next up...back to building!!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Our Septic Tank and Help Staining Our Siding

It's a big day today...time to get our septic tank and chambers installed and some unexpected help with staining our siding:).

A very special couple we know, M&J, have been stopping over to bring us snacks and drinks while we have been working on this project.  They really wanted to help us with the work but we didn't have anything that could be easily set up for them until today.  They are going to start staining our siding before we install it which will save Mike and I a lot of time.

Laying the boards out on saw horses and staining them:

At the same time our septic man shows up:

Working backwards since our tank and chambers are going into the "hole":

Our concrete tank:

Chambers going in.  We have three lines at 50 feet long and the one across the back:

And back to the building.  The first stained wall is up.  Mike made a simple lever out of 2x4's and a couple of L brackets to hold the 4x8 siding board while I lifted it and I held in place while he nailed it in:

That was the one board that we put up unstained because we couldn't wait.  We moved the trailer to the front of the building because we have been picking up the siding a little at a time:

The guys working on the chabmers:

M&J working hard:)

The hole for the septic tank:

The tank going in while we watch:

From the other end:

Time to connect the chambers to the tank:

And back to the walls:

An end board for M&J:

Mike nailing the last one for the day:

We had some great help today and got over 30 feet of stained siding installed:

That was a short and sweet story.  Next up Mike and I have the hard work of connecting the sewer lines from the septic to the building!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Building The Exterior Walls and a New Toy For Lisa

It's time to get serious.  We need to build the exterior walls for our 18x56 building.

Each morning we have to take all of the tools out of the trailer and open up all of the wrapped wood:

After we measure and cut the 2x4's we lay them out for a 10 foot wall section:

Mike adding a jack stud for a window:

We had a lot of measuring today for the walls.  There are four windows and a door on the front of the building.

Each afternoon is a big clean up round.  All tools have to be put back into the trailer, all lumber has to be wrapped and we clean the ground where we worked.

Mike using the blower to clean all the dirt and saw dust off:

Everything wrapped up:

Mike using a clamp to secure the top plate to the top of the wall.  We bought #1 lumber but it is still bowed and some of it very bad:

Nailing the top plate:

Mike measuring to cut the holes in the wood for the slab anchors to go through:

Making sure all of the base plates fit over the anchors.  Now we can build those walls:

Only one more section for the front of the building.

From the inside:

Looking at the front:

Ooh today I got a new toy.  We knew that boondocking here would present some adjustments for us.  One of them is laundry.  Our friend's told us we could go to their house and do any laundry that we needed to do which was very nice of them.  But Mike and I like to stay on site as much as possible while we build so we came up with a solution so we could do laundry and not leave.  I found a portable washer that can be hooked up to a hose.

How cute:

First load of laundry being done in the small trailer.  We connected it to the well hose and used a bucket for the draining.  This will do for today:

Since this was a few months ago I can tell you that my little Magic Chef washer is awesome.  It does a great job, is easy to use, and has a 10 minute cycle which larger machines lack.  I hate that the big machines in houses take no less than 30-40 minutes for a load of laundry.  Sometimes you have gentle clothes or just a few items that don't need to be in for that long.  Anyway here is the link for my washer.  I paid $218.00 for mine but they have gone up in price.  Portable Washer

Nailing in a top plate on the back side:

Finished for the day and all cleaned up:

Mike cutting down more 2x4's:

Moving right along:

Working on the header for a future door:

A little assistance for some bowed boards:

Nailing them together:

The back wall is up.  Now to tie in the corner wall:

Almost finished with the side wall:

Yay...we are almost finished with 3 walls.  We need to keep the one end open to be able to work on the trusses.

Time for a little break.

Taking a walk thought the woods on the property.  One big tree down:

Mike being a ham.  King of the woods, lol.

That took us one week to do.  Next up the septic and siding.