Sunday, November 5, 2017

In Memory Of Niki The Princess and Best Little Supervisor

The time has come for Niki to be at rest.  It was a heartbreaking decision but I had to do what was best for my girl.  Here is what I wrote on 4-6-17

"My Niki girl just turned 14. She is old and has many old lady issues. I watch her closely and know at some point I will have to make one of the hardest decisions for her. I just don't know when that is. I guess I am looking for some guidelines.

The good....she can still see and hear pretty good. She barks when I come into the house and will howl when I dance around. I think she enjoys that. She still likes to be with us when we work. Actually she just wants to be close to me so I drag her towel around wherever I am whether I am painting, gardening or cooking. She still eats, actually her appetite has increased. She doesn't cry or whine.

Here are her problems. She has a herniated disc for the past 4 years. Her back legs don't work so well anymore. She falls a lot and has trouble getting up. I help her up to get her steady. Once she is up she can wobble around. She has more accidents in the house...thankfully it is just pooping as the vet told me she can't really feel much in her back end. Luckily I or my DH is around most of the time so she is never stuck for long. Sadly if we are not around she could end up laying in her poo...and she is miserable. She stays in her bed most of the time and sleeps a lot. She cannot stand it if I am out of her sight. She barks a lot if I leave the room. She cannot make it through the night. I get up with her 1-2 times every night to let her out....although I am the same way, lol.

She just doesn't seem to be happy anymore which makes me really sad. For two years I thought it was close for her and I even told the nieces in NY to say good bye...just in case. So far Niki is hanging in there. She is just not happy anymore and her problems will not get better. When the weather breaks I will take her for some more car rides as she likes that....or she just likes the bone I give her in the car, lol.

Sorry for the long story. I guess I just know her time is close and I really don't want to "have" to do anything...but her quality of life kind of stinks. I'm just sad and kind of confused about what to do."

So that was on April 6 just two days after her 14th birthday.  It was not happy times for my girl anymore.

THEN on April 11, 2017 I had to be the one to make the call.   She fell on the  side driveway and slid backwards.  She was not able to stop herself and Mike had to jump off the roof to help her.  I was up top.  By the time I came down I doctored her scrapes and cuts as best I could and decided to wait the night to see how she did.  She had another bad night and by morning I had Mike call the vet for me.  I knew I would cry through the call.  The vet was incredible.  They told us to bring her in within the hour.  We took Niki for her last ride and gave her a bone on the way down.  She was not scared because she was familiar with the vet's office.  I was able to hold her while she had her shot.  I also held it together until she was gone and then I couldn't stop the crying.  They gave us an Angel bag to take her home in.

Niki was born on April 4, 2003.  We got her when she was 6 weeks old.  I didn't pick her she picked me.  I was sitting on the floor when all of Niki's siblings were all over.  Niki was the one who kept coming back to me.  She is the one who got to come home with us.

Niki has been a part of the Mike and Lisa world for 14 years now.  She has had a wonderful and exciting life.  I'm not sure many people get to do as much as she did, lol.  She loved to go boating and even liked her vest.  She thought she was hot stuff that she could walk down the ramp at one of our houses and jump into the boat.  Some nights I would take her down to the boat and we would just sit on it because she liked it.  Mike thought we were crazy, lol.  She also used to love taking a walk with Mike while he fished.  She thought there was nothing better than when he caught a fish and she could smell it.  She got to travel the country with us, see many rv parks, meet many people and also meet many dogs.  At one rv park I swear she had goo goo eyes over a Great Dane, lol.  She was also the best little supervisor during all of our remodels and became a very big part of our Off Grid in TN story.  She is missed every day but I know she is not in any pain.    

I'm glad her time came while we were in TN.  I found a beautiful spot for her overlooking the valley:

And just some memories:

Rest in peace little girl.  It is quiet on this new project without little pug!!

Downed Tree And Cleaning Jeep

Time for two not so fun jobs.  We had a huge tree that came down right above the store.  Mike and I need to do something about it.

Of all the places to fall it had to be right behind the store:

It may not seem bad but it's a long way up:

Mike is going to chain up the fallen tree to another tree.  There is no way for us to get it out of there:

Told you we were high up:


Mike gets the chain under the fallen tree:

And pulls it through:

Chaining up another smaller tree:

That should stop them from rolling down the least give them time to rot:

Then back home.  We left the Jeep home last winter and I left a roll of paper towels inside.  Well of course the mice found that and decided to use the Jeep as a new home.  Not good.  Anyway the good thing about a Jeep is it cam be taken apart and hosed out.

All carpets are out:

Jeep is stripped:

That's it for now.  Next up some very sad news.

Replacing Old Awning, Siding the House and New Air Conditioner

We have a couple of projects going on.  First we want to take our old awning off and replace it with a more maintenance friendly one, add new siding to the house and paint it, and also install an air conditioner.  So let's get to it.

Mike is unscrewing the panels:

Using a shovel to help release the filler that we used:

The top view:

The old panels are down:

And we are ready for the new:

I am measuring and cutting the tar paper to put on the side of the house before we add the new siding:

and...Mike told me to look up:

Laying out the plywood sheets to be painted.  We are going to put these close to the house so we have a place to walk if we need to after we put up the new awning:

Just some more boards to be painted:

Painting is done:

And Mike is adding them to the top of our awning:

Nailing in just one row which is enough to walk on and work on the house from:

Putting the tar paper on:

First row of primed hardie board:

One side os finished:

Now to stat the next side.  Mike loosens the screws that he can:

Tar paper is up:

Finished with side 2:

Mike is cutting off the 2x4's to meet on center of the cross beams:

Installing the first of the hardie board on the front of the house:


Our walkway and new 2x4's for the metal roofing:

White metal roof is screwed down:

From the top:

Painting the edges of the siding:

The first bottom rows on the front of the house:

Looking much better than the green:

Almost finished with the middle section:

The front of the house is finished:

Everything is now painted.  We started with lighter greens but didn't like any.  We went with a clay color which is very similar to how the hardie boards came.  Mike also installed a Pioneer split unit A/C/  Our new patio area:

We used a chocolate brown for the stairs and accents:

That is an improvement or we just got tired of the green.  Either way we like the final results:

That's all for now.