Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Getting Ready For Shipping Containers, Remodeling the Kitchen and Bathroom, Time With The Granddaughter

Hello everyone and thank you for the well wishes for Mike.

Our first week back we were busy with Mike and moving things up to the house and basically get back to operational.  Now we can start the real projects and some fun.

Well…Mike has done it.  He has finally gotten my garden out of the backyard so he can take over.  He ordered two new shipping containers for who knows what, lol.  Boys and their toys.  I just hope we can get them up top.

In order for the shipping containers to be put on site we need to build a base/foundation for them  We will need 8 concrete blocks to set the corners on.  "I" moved the bags and mixed the concrete.  Mike was allowed(lol) to smooth the out:

Burning the last of my garden up top.  BTW, all my pressure treated wood rotted.

Of course we have one very special girl in our lives who has been driving us crazy to come and visit.  I picked her up one Saturday and we took her "recipe" book to the grocery store to shop for supplies.  Here she is making her Smores Drops:

And later on making Meatball subs:

Now it's het turn to teach me something.  She has been on a duct tape craft kick…so we are making duct tape bags…I ended up making one for my kindle:

And the next morning making breakfast for Nicole and AJ:

OK…had fun with the kids and now they are gone.  Time to get back to work.  Mike says it's time we had a little nice.  We normally do things for ourselves that are more functional.  The nice things are typically in the resales.  So we are going to make some changes to the house to make it more normal.  First up.  The washer/dryer situation needs to be fixed.  Right now they are in the spare bedroom.  We are going to take out the old closet in the bathroom and put it in there.  Just a couple of pictures taking out the old closet:

It is going to be a little involved since Mike will have to move the plumbing inside the wall for our new drain pipe, move gas lines, move our water filter, and close it all back up.  I will go back and forth with what we are doing.  As things come in or people show up our jobs will change.

And to show this:)  Here is our delivery truck of gravel.  We need to set the shipping containers on top of the gravel and we will have parking in the middle.  It's always interesting to watch trucks make it up our driveway:

Mike spreading out the gravel:

The project I am looking most forward to is my kitchen changes.  We went back and forth and I decided that my cabinets are fine but I would love an island.  My counter is in rough shape and needs to be changed out.  I am also considering a new stove with more burners:)

We ordered the countertops but we were able to get a match for my island cabinets:)

I know it is not finished yet but we will get there.  I just couldn't wait to get it into place:)

That was just a quick update.  We will have a mix of things going on this year.  Projects, kids, and even some traveling:)

Enjoy your day!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Catching Up From Florida To Tennessee

Wow…so much has been happening with Mike and I.  To say the least it has been a very busy spring for us.  We spent the winter at our beautiful lake house in Florida but sadly we never felt like it was home.  We decided to try and sell it and go from there.  To our surprise we sold it very quickly and then we had to hustle to get all the new furniture and all of our belongings packed up and moved and back to Tennessee.

We did our usual planning and preparing for the "big" move.  We sold the boat, sold the pool table, had numerous sales at the big flea market about an hour away, and reserved the moving truck etc.  It was a bit overwhelming and then on top of that three weeks before our closing date Mike hurt his back.  Since he did not have a doctor there he went to a chiropractor for 4 visits with no relief.  So it was bed rest and ice packs for him….and no lifting.  X-rays showed a herniated disc.  Not good.  Now the packing was left to me and we weren't sure if he could drive the moving truck.  Forget about packing the furniture.  I found a company that said they could load the truck for us.  As the time grew closer and Mike was no better I asked if they could drive our rental truck towing the trailer with the lawn mower and unload for us in Tennessee.  This is the first time that we have ever had to rely on others so much to help us…and it was extremely nerve racking.  And for the good part…we lucked out with the company we chose to help us.  I got most of our things packed up in the house and Mike was able to help with the lighter stuff.  We were able to get the truck rental the day before the moving crew was coming so we had time to wrap the furniture with the blankets.

The crew came on a saturday and loaded the truck for us.  They kept the truck overnight to give us time to get back home before them.  Mike tried to drive but his back locked up after an hour so he laid down for the remainder of the trip.  Nicole checked on the house before we got home and her and Ella picked up the sticks on the driveway for us.  Thankfully everything was OK.  Mike and I got home very late on sunday night/monday morning.  We got the house back online and went to bed, lol.

Monday late afternoon the truck arrived with all of our things and the 2 young men unloaded at the store for us.  The store saved us again.  Nicole and Ella also helped and we made sure Mike didn't lift anything.  After that we returned the rental truck, dropped the two men at a hotel and they drove back to Florida in a rental car tuesday morning.  It was a very good experience and they told us they would drive up and help us move again if we ever needed it.

That was April 4th…oh and then the real fun began…not.  That week we got Mike in to see our doctor.  While he was waiting to be seen his back locked up and he couldn't stand up.  At that point we had no choice but to call an ambulance and get him into the emergency room.  They did different tests, helped him with the pain and finally released him the next day when he could get out of bed on his own.  He was given steroid medication and was scheduled for a follow up 2 weeks later.  Back home I made him rest but the medicine was giving him energy and making him feel better(yes it was masking it all).  Anyway at the time Mike's mind was on fire with plans and ideas.  Now that he had his tools back home he wanted to do some projects.  Last summer his tools were in Florida and Mike being separated from his tools is not a good thing.  He has plans for a kitchen reno, new shipping containers, and bathroom remodel…and more.  We will see how this all works out.

We started with the easy things like my garden.  I am tired of fighting with the animals eating my garden so we decided to use a dog kennel with extra panels to give me a 10x20 garden.  But first we had to tear out my old garden.  We got the old falling down fence down:

Mike was able to scrape up the grass in my old "out front" garden area:

And then we picked up the cage panels.  We laid them on buckets as we plan to paint the bottoms with a rubber coating before we install them.  Too many of these cages rust from sitting on the ground.  We hope to prevent that:

Scraping the dirt from my old garden:

Mike doing a little work but being careful.  Of course Niki is right in the middle:)

We have been home for 2 1/2 months now and almost all of our projects have been completed.  As the weeks progress I will post what we have done and get you caught up.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Making A Recipe Book For The Girls

So much has been going on for the past few months but for now let me start with the recipe books that I made for my granddaughter and one of my nieces.  Both of these girls love to cook and I started working on books for each of them while Mike and I were in Florida.

I tried to find recipes that I thought each of them would like.  Then I printed the recipes and added pictures to each recipe.  I used sheet protectors for each recipe and inserted them into a binder (colored accordingly….pink for my granddaughter and purple for my niece). This way as they try the recipes they can keep them in the book or take them out.  They can also add new ones or I can give them new ones on their birthdays.

This is what my granddaughter's book looks like:

The index and coded for each category:


And just a few of her recipes:

On the weekends when I pick up Ella we take her book to the grocery store to buy ingredients for a recipe or two.  She has been working her way through the book and can now make some good recipes on her own.

When I go up to NY I will do the same for my niece.  We take over my mother in law's kitchen every time I visit.

I know I would have loved to have a recipe book like this when I was young…heck I'm in the process of making one for myself right now.  It took me awhile to make the books and I told both girls don't ever throw them out.  I will take them back and use them before that happens, lol.

I thought this was a good idea for two girls who really like learning to cook.  Now I have future gifts for them that I know they will like.  It's also a great way to make a book of your favorites or tried and true recipes.

Until next week…...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Adding a Patio Cover

Mike and I went back and forth about what we should do for our new patio.  We wanted a cover to give us some shade and to also keep the patio clean.  We thought about doing a wood one like we have in Tennessee but wood lately has been really bad quality no matter where you go for it.  Then we thought about the roofing panels but we weren't sure if we wanted a full screen room.  Then Mike remembered seeing the aluminum panels at Lowe's.  We checked them out and they seemed like a good idea for what we wanted.  Clean and easy to install and no maintenance like the wood would have been.

Next we took a measurement.  Since we have a large patio we decided to only cover part of it so we could also sit in the sun if we wanted to.  We used the panels that later on can be used for a screen room just in case we want to add on.

The panels…oh what fun they were get home, not, lol.  They are 12 feet long and we needed 26 sections:

Next we had to figure out how to lay it out.  The frame needs to go up first so Mike starts off by drilling holes in the concrete:

Adding the base piece for the post:

Screwing in the L bracket before the post goes up:

The frame for our first 10 foot section:

Once that is up Mike screws the face piece that will hold the panels to the house.  Now we can add the panels.

Mike cuts the panel to the length we need it.  It was too hard for me to cut so I did the measuring and poor Mike had to do all the cutting which was really hard on the hands:

First panel going up:

I help Mike get the panels up and then he screws the panels to the house and to each other.  They overlap so there is no leaking when it rains:

Moving right along…this is so much easier and lighter than wood:

We are halfway there:

Guess what's next?  Yup…Mike has to take down this gutter…again, lol, but this is the last time…really:)

Once that is down we add the piece that hold the panels to the house:

We finish installing the panels to just past the door:

How the top of the panels look when screwed together:

New gutters going up:

And now adding the downspout for the new roof:

Now we have a nice new covered area to use with the hammock in the sun:)

We'll see how it all works out.  Later on we may screen it in but for now we like it.

That's all for now.