Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Getting Our Well and Water

It's always exciting when the infrastructure goes in.  We were pleasantly surprised when the well truck showed up earlier than expected.

Mike watching them start to drill:

The rig is set and ready to go:

They use foam to assist in the removal of cuttings and help with the water flow.  This is new to us.  It will dissolve after a few days:

The well here is 90 feet deep.

Since the well men showed up early we weren't quite prepared so we had to order our well pump and wait for that to arrive.  The well drillers usually do that for you but we want the same pump we have in TN which is a solar pump and can be run in emergencies and without much electric.

Finally it's our turn to work:)

We stretch out the water line and get ready to connect it to the pump.  Mike uses the torch to heat up the pipe.  It makes it more pliable and easier to work with:

Working on the electrical:


We will run the electric wore down the length of the water pipe and tape both together:

Adding the torque arrestor.  This is to protect the well pump and electrical wires from the casing:

Mike feeding the pump into the well:

Mike working o the bladder tank:


He does such a nice neat job.  Now we just need ot build a house for the well:

Oh happy day...we have water:)

It will take about a week to clear up after all of the disturbance of the underground limestone and sand.

Next up...the footers for our building.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Getting House/Building Pad Ready, Road Clean Up, and Temp Solar Set Up

Going back my days have gotten mixed up a bit but needless to say we have been busy.  At the moment we are all over the place.  This post will take us into the last week in October.

In order to establish a location we had to get a 911 address which finally came and a new mailbox.  The mailboxes are on the main road.  Since we don't get much mail we just bought a basic one.

Everyone's mailboxes:

We cleaned the area up and added ours to the mix:

The sand delivery for the pad is finally here.  There are 5 full loads of sand that need to be graded out.  We let the concrete man use his man since he has a box blade on his tractor:

He has a bigger tractor than Mike....hmm....maybe an upgrade, lol:

The sand is almost level:


I'm jumping here but after the sand was leveled the concrete crew came back to stake out the site:

And this is ready for Mike and I to add the plumbing pipes:

While all of that was going on Mike and I had to be out by the road working on the ditch.  Mike has put in so many hours grading it all with his tractor.  We have about 400 feet on the road to fix:

Mike taking a break after he did such a nice job grading out the "smaller" side:

Mike seeded and I added the hay:

Back inside we have a couple of things going on.  First we had an issue with the trailer we brought down being too small to work out of.  We found a larger trailer to use as a work shed while we build.  You will see it in the background pictures.

Mike also likes his tv and since we have no electric yet we will set up a temporary solar system.  Yes we brought 3 solar panels, a charge controller and an inverter.  We did buy a battery large enough to keep his tv running at night for when we move over here.

Building a very easy panel holder:

For now...two are on:

And back out front for the larger section:

This section is about 300 feet:

Yay...Mike seeding:

And me adding the hay:

Now we just wait for some grass to grow:

That is all for now.  Next story we get a well and water:):)

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Getting Ready for the Concrete Foundation, Clearing Trees and Working on Water Flow

Our second week at the property and getting ready for the new slab.  Mike interviewed three different men to pour our slab.  We ended up hiring the man whose price came in the middle because he was the most conscientious about his work.  He also mentioned things about he slab that we weren't aware of.

Now that someone is scheduled to do the slab we need to get the plumbing in place which has to be in place before the concrete gets poured.

Mike starts off with the bathtub as we will need "exact" measurements for the pipes in the concrete:
We don't need and won't need the tub for quite some time but we are ready.

Here is the man clearing the grass off the foundation area:

The building spot is ready and corner stakes are in:

While they work on that Mike and I go back to work on the front ditch.  Mike uses the tractor to clean it up:

Trying to get the water pitched right so it will flow through the culvert and out the other side:

And out the other side:

Mike needs to do a lot more cleaning, filling sand in spots and clearing other spots.  He can only do so much with the tractor bucket but Mike wants to do it himself.

Working in the muck...before Mike got it looking nice:

Our first truck for the building site...and they brought the biggest truck they have and it broke down going "across" our road...not good:

Their help that showed up to move the tractor trailer out of the road:

Oh well....looks like we will have to wait one more day to start getting the fill dirt, which is sand here, for the building site.

The next morning they are back on track....first of 5 truck loads coming in:

And dumping:

At the same time our ditch is getting cleaned up.  It's been raked and seeded:

And hay has been added.  We usually use straw but it was much easier to find hay here:

I seemed to have skipped some pictures last week with us clearing the "hole" for the new septic area.  So I need to backtrack.  While the trucks were making their way in for the building pad, Mike and I did a lot of tree cutting and clearing.  Mike cutting the pines into smaller pieces so I could load them onto the trailer:

This whole area needs to be cleared:

Getting a lot of it cleared out:

I dig around the stumps so Mike can get the chainsaw low enough to cut them out of the ground:

This is going to be some burn pile:

We are cutting some of those logs up for logs.  They are the perfect diameter for a fire pit.  We saw the neatest one at Rural King:)

Another truck going in:

The second load being dumped:

All of this work was spread out over our second week here.  We also got a head start and ordered our trusses for the building.  It is going to be our storage building first and later on converted while another building is built.  But that will all happen next year as this will be an ongoing project.  We just needed to get the largest one done first as Mike and I are getting older and it's getting a bit harder to build big things alone.

More up next week:)