Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chapter 4...Insulating Walls and Well Drilling

Hi everyone. It is time for chapter 4. The week of June 16.

On Monday the workers showed up to waterproof the house. Because we are building a berm house it is extemely important for us to stay dry. Our poured concrete walls are 10 inches thick and 10 feet tall. This is the process for waterproofing. First they spray on a rubber coating to seal and waterproof the walls and then that is covered with insulation board to protect the house when it is backfilled. They also put cloth, add a layer of gravel, then drainage pipe, more gravel and cover it all in cloth around the perimeter of the house to drain out the front of the house. There is also a clean out that runs up the center of the wall in the back of the house in case there are any problems.

Mike's new tractor was also delivered today.

On tuesday Mike and I worked on cleaning up and adding more gravel on our right-of-way with his new tractor. The trucks that have been coming in and out have been making big ruts so we had to fix them.

The concrete crew was there getting ready to pour the concrete slab. First they did a quick grade inside the home, covered the ground with a vapor barrier, filled it all with 4 inches of gravel, and finally they poured 4 inches of concrete.

This is how busy it was that day

On top of all this the well drillers also showed up. We are drilling a well at the top of the hill by the house. We have a good spring but it is farther down the drive and we will eventually put a pond there. The well ended up being 300 feet.

Tuesday ended up being a very long and busy day with a lot of people around. We had to stay late with the concrete crew so they could put the finishing touches on the slab. We had to fence everything off once again to keep the cows out.

On Wednesday we found out that our metal roof would be delivered. We bought the metal roofing at the farm supply about 3 miles from our property which made it convenient. The only problem was the delivery didn't get in until 4:30. So the owner, David, of the farm supply drove to our place with the delivery man following. Turns out the man driving the delivery truck couldn't make the turn from the county road onto our right-of-way because his trailer was too long. So David came up to get Mike and I to help. We all go back down to the right-of-way with Mike on his tractor and David and I in his truck. I'm sorry to say I didn't have my camera for this fiasco. Anyway the driver pulled into the corner as far as he could while Mike used the bucket of the tractor and put it underneath the trailer and David hooked a chain from his truck to the back of the trailer. Mike lifted while David pulled and they got the trailer cleared of the corner so the driver could now drive in. At that point I got into the truck with the delivery man and Mike and David followed behind. As we got through our gate and almost to the barn the driver says to me "do you see the roofing"? What are you talking about? He says I think we lost it. You've got to be kidding. So we get out of the truck and sure enough our metal roof is sitting in the road. Mike and David are there waiting. Great, now the 4 of us Mike who recently had a hernia operation, David who has a bad back, me who is a little strong but not that strong, and the delivery guy, have to get this metal which is 17 feet long back onto the truck. And you can't bend this stuff. After getting blocks and boards from the barn we finally have enough leverage to get the roofing back on the trailer. We start up again and get about 200 feet and we get stuck because his trailer is just too much for his truck. Oh this is turning out to be a bad day. It is now about 7:00pm and Mike has finally had it and he tells the driver to pull over on the grass and drop the load there. We stake and rope off the roofing so the cows don't damage it and we call it a day. That was our roofing fiasco and it is still on the side of the road as I type this.

On Thursday our grader shows with the bulldozer to backfill the house.

Friday was a nice and peaceful day. We had some gravel delivered so we could make a small parking lot behind the house and a path to our building. I also put seed and curlex all around the house to keep everything clean while we build the house.

Well that wraps up chapter 4. I hope you enjoyed.



  1. Looks like you had great weather. What a spectacular view. What part of TN is this?? My EX lives in the London, KY area and I am down that way periodically. I also have friends in Chattanooga and near Memphis.

  2. We are on the border of VA and NC.