Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chapter 40...How To Make A Lamp & Installing A Bathroom Fan/Vent/Light

Off Grid...Chapter 40

I may just have to do a story on gardening just so so some of you can learn from my mistakes and some of you can give me pointers. I call it the "Gardening Mishaps of Lisa". Ha, ha.

Monday 12-8
Today we went to the mall to look at accessories for the house. At this rate you would think we would be done. We really forgot we had "nothing" for a house since we lived in the motorhome. We got rid of everything we owned before hitting the road almost 4 years ago. It's almost like going out on your own for the first time. We need everything.

We found two pieces for the living room. First we found a Bear side table for me to use.

And we found a cute statue that Mike is going to make into a lamp.

We looked at a lot of bear lamps online and they were either really expensive, ugly, or just too small. I'm so glad Mike is creative.

So this is how Mike made our lamp. First he had to cut a hole through the top of the bear and down to the bottom of the bear.

Luckily it was hollow even though Mike was prepared in case it was solid.

Now he is putting the rod in. This will hold the electric wire inside the bear.

He put the wire through and we added a shade. The lamp is done. It's a little cutesy but it has grown on us and it's a good size.

Tuesday 12-9
I spent the day making candy and cookies for our Holiday dinner with the kids and grandkids tomorrow. While I was busy in the kitchen Mike was busy trying to clean up our storage room again, you know our office.

He also installed our fresh air vent for the fireplace on the inside of the house.
Now he just has to connect it to the outside and we won't have to crack the doors open anymore.

Wednesday 12-10
While I was working in the kitchen baking and cooking, Mike was working on more floor trim.

Here he is installing floor trim in the bedroom.

He finished the bedroom and then moved on to the bathroom.

The trim still needs to be caulked and we also have to do some touch up paint. That's for another day.

Then Mike started working on the vent for our bathroom fan. 

This vent will take the air outside when he installs the fan. The vent is connected and ready for the fan.

Nicole her husband, Robert, and their children A.J.(11) and Ella(4) came to the house about 5pm. We are having a combo get together for A.J.'s birthday and also Christmas. They are usually really busy for the Holidays so we thought it would be nice to do a calm and peaceful get together before the chaos begins. We had a wonderful time. Good company and I guess the food was good as there was no complaining. We gave A.J. and Ella a x-mas container for each of them filled with "dollar" bills. Usually we just give them a check and that is so boring for kids. Anyway, they opened up the containers and you had to see their faces. It was so cute how excited they got over the dollar bills. Ella had to come over and ask "Papa" to count it for her. We had birthday cake even though we were stuffed. It was a great night for all of us.

Thursday 12-11
I have no idea what we did today lol. I didn't have any pictures from today so I guess we didn't do anything on the house. We must have been resting from all the fun and excitement last night.

The weather has been rough on us with no wind and no sun. We had to use the generator twice this week to help charge our batteries. Lots of rain but no snow.

Friday 12-12
Today we finally decided to start the bathroom ceiling. We are getting really low on material so we just have to use everything we can.

First we started out by installing the perimeter track. We can't do the whole room because we still need to build the closet for the water heater.


We started to install the ceiling tiles. We don't have many full tiles so our goal today is to get enough up do Mike can install our ceiling light and fan.

The first ceiling tile and grids are up.

Here is Mike installing and working on the box for the fan. He is connecting to the outside vent.

Then he cut out the ceiling tile to fit around the box.

After a lot of work Mike finished installing our light and fan combo. Woo Hoo.

We have no more full tile to finish the bathroom.

Saturday 12-13
Just another day of running to town and trying to find more stuff for the house. Too bad it wasn't nice enough for us to take the trailer. We really need supplies.

Sunday 12-14
We have some 2x4's so we decided to start the closet for the water heater in the bathroom. First we measured the area for the closet, measured the 2x4's, and then Mike cuts the boards down.

Next we lay out the 2x4's on the floor to make our rectangle for the closet wall. And we screw the boards together.

We stand it up, bring it into the bathroom, and screw it in place.

Next we add the cross boards for the sheet rock and also the header for the bi fold door.

Now we have to get the sheet rock and the door to finish the job. We need a dry day to pick up the material.

We had a nice week. If we had the rest of the material we could probably finish the inside of the house by the New Year. We were supposed to drag this out so the winter wasn't so long. Mike is already talking about the deck. Yeah we can't even get a nice enough day to finish the gate we started. Oh and we still have barbed wire to add to some of our fencing. We really wish it was nice out so we could get some of this done. We can't complain though because the weather was so good for so long while we were building the house. At least we got moved in before it got bad.

Still things are good in the Mike and Lisa world. I hope you enjoyed.


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  1. One year for Christmas I found HUGE balloons filled with $1.00 bills. They were at least two feet in diameter and filled with helium. My daughter was thrilled when she got them.

    Love the bear lamp Mike made ... I could really get to hate this guy. What a handy talented guy. :)