Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chapter 38...Bedroom Ceiling Tile

Off Grid...Chapter 38

Monday 11-24

When we got up this morning there was a red squirrel right outside our front door.

Mike and I love it that we have so many animals at this property. It is really awesome to see so many kinds of animals here. I want to start getting better pictures.

We drove into town to look for some pictures for our bare walls. Mike pointed out why we have so much wall space. One we have 10 foot ceilings and two we have no windows. I forgot about that fact. We stopped at the Cabin Shop and we found a nice picture with bears but we didn't like the frame and it couldn't be changed. Next we tried the frame shop and they had nothing that we could use. Oh well. It looks like this is going to be harder than shopping for furniture.

Tuesday 11-25
We have been having some really dreary weather so Mike and I have become highly unmotivated. Mike started working on some of the cracks in our drywall. The cracks come from the settling and also the shrinkage of the joint compound(spackle). In order to repair the cracks first you have to scrape it out.

Then you fill it with spackle.

And smooth it out.

Now we have to wait for it all to dry. If we are lucky we paint over it. If it shrinks more we will have to add more spackle, wait for that to dry, spackle again, and then paint.

Later that day we got a call from Mike's daughter, Nicole. She just got my Christmas gift in the mail and she wants to bring it over. Nicole is both excited and nervous about her gift. She's not sure if I will like it. She gets to the house and she gives me her gift while we are sitting at the table. I open it and I realize it's a book. I look at the cover and see a nice view and then I scan down and look at the author. It's my name. Oh my gosh- this is so cool. I open the cover to see what she has done. Nicole has taken all of the chapters that I have written and all of my pictures and made them all into a book. I cannot believe she has done all of this work for me. I "know" this has taken her many, many hours to do and most likely it took her weeks. The book is part one because we are not finished with our story yet.

This is to Nicole. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. This is the sweetest and most thoughtful gift I have ever received.

Mike had hogged the book from the time Nicole left. I have "never" seen Mike read a book. This is a first.

Wednesday 11-26
We are scheduled to get our glass transoms by UPS today. Woo Hoo. UPS usually gets here in the afternoons so we left the gate open and ran to David's. We wanted to pick up some corn for the deer and also look at some bird feeders. We think it would be awesome to get some deer and birds closer to the house. I say this know. When I do my garden next year I'll be trying to keep them away.

We got the corn but no bird feeder. Now if we can just keep the cows away from the corn.

We waited all day for UPS. I checked the tracking and it looks like the driver decided to go home. We never got the package. They didn't even try to deliver it.

Thursday 11-27
It's Turkey day. I spent most of the day prepping and cooking. It is wonderful to have a regular oven that I can cook a whole turkey in. Yeah!

Friday 11-28
Ok, we've done nothing all week. Today we are going to start working on our bedroom ceiling. First we take the mattress and box spring out of the bedroom so we have more room to work. We will be working around the rest of the furniture.

We start out by putting the perimeter track in.

The first tiles are in.

Mike is putting the light in.

We are done installing the "full" tiles.

Finally, a good and productive day.

Saturday 11-29
Mike will be spending the day cutting the tiles for the bedroom. We centered the tiles in the bedroom so he has to cut all the tiles along both sides and the back wall. That's a lot of cutting and then he also has to do the angles.

Mike got all the angled tiles in above our door.

The bedroom ceiling is complete.

We have been online looking for a new camera. We would like something a little better to take long range pictures and also have the capability to be made into large prints. We have been reading reviews at Amazon and it is so confusing.

Mike and I are really settling into the house. We don't leave here much. We really like our little world on top of our mountain. We have no idea what goes on outside and we like it that way. We have been relaxing and we started playing cards again. We haven't had the time to do that in a long time. It's nice to be able to relax again.

That's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed. 


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  1. Well ... first of all Happy Thanksgiving ... albeit a few years late. LOL

    Also ... the book that Nicole got you is one of the coolest gifts that anyone can give and the receiver receive. What a thoughtful young lady!! :)