Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chapter 26...Gutters, Spackle, And Sanding

Off Grid...Chapter 26

Thursday 9-4-08

We drove to Lowe's this morning to pick up gutters, paint, and more spackle. When we got home we brought everything down to the house and started preparing the gutters for installation. We bought 4 10 foot sections of aluminum gutters(the vinyl ones warp), 3 connectors, 2 downspouts, end caps and the screws.

We laid out 1 10ft section at a time. The first one, which will be an end gutter, we cut a hole for the hole connector(?) and then we siliconed it to the gutter. We also siliconed the end cap on.

Then we pre- measured and drilled holes for the gutter screws. This makes it easier when we install them.

We repeated this process for the other end gutter. Then we cut down the 2 middle sections and pre- drilled holes for them. Now we wait for the silicone to dry and then we can install them.

We went down to the house and started working on the gutters. Mike was using the ladder to screw in the gutters. I was on the roof holding the gutter under the drip edge so Mike could screw them in.

Mike got a few screws in from the ladder put it was too awkward so he came up on the roof to screw the gutters in.

This is how we installed the gutters. We would lay out one section, put it under the drip edge, and I would hold it in place. Then Mike would screw it to the house. Then we would connect the next piece of gutter using a connector, glue, and screws. We have the first 2 up.

And all 4 are up.

After that I went to town and Mike worked on the downspouts. Unfortunately he was missing a piece so he continued to sand inside the house.

Later we took a hike around the property to pick apples. I didn't get my apple picker yet so we brought a hoe and a 5 gallon bucket. There are apple trees everywhere. We explored a new area of our property. It is beautiful all wooded and private. Mike and Niki went back to the house and I kept walking. I am so thankful for the cows because they make nice trails where our property is steep. When I got back I made some applesauce and tomorrow I am going to make apple pie.

Saturday 9-6-08
It is a gray drizzly morning so we have to be careful of the electric we use today. Mike tried to order more solar panels yesterday but it was too late.

Mike said "it's time to get serious" about the sanding and spackling. Oh joy! We've been doing a little at a time but not nearly enough to get the job done. I give a ton of credit to drywall finishers. I thought painting was bad but spackling and sanding is the pits.

We went down to the house and Mike started working on the 2nd coat of spackle.

While Mike did that I started to sand.

And more.

I also taped and spackled the 2 front corners where the concrete was.

We went through another 5 gallon bucket of joint compound(spackle).

Sunday 9-7-08
Just another fun filled day of sanding and spackling. We are hoping to be ready to paint by the end of the week and have our floors installed next week. It is going to be a long and tedious week for us.

Mike's daughter, Nicole, is going to Lowe's to pick some paint samples. I picked 4 colors, brought them home, and I don't like any of them. We aren't leaving the farm until the spackle is done so Nicole is doing me a big favor by going to town. I hope she has better luck. If I don't pick a color Mike is going to paint everything "white".

That's where we are at. I might have to cut my stories down to weekly since we won't be doing much except for spackling and sanding this week.

I hope you are enjoying. We are closing in on the house.

Have a great day

Lisa and Mike


  1. You should be wearing a mask while sanding young lady. :)

  2. Gutter work really requires team effort, eh? :) I don’t think one man can hardly do the installation properly. Did you guys have a hard time with maintaining a slight pitch toward the downspouts? I think that’s pretty tricky because the leveling would determine the draining and self-cleaning capability of the gutters.

    1. It's a good thing Mike and I work well together. Our gutters don't fill up with debris but it would be very easy to clean them if they did. Not too many roofs are as easy to get onto as ours, lol. We haven't had problems with the downspouts but I would recommend seamless gutters for next time.