Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chapter 11...Scary Stuff...Moving The Motorhome

Off Grid...Chapter 11

Hi everyone. It's time for chapter 11. Back to the week of July 14.

It has been a crazy week for us. On Monday we went to the local farm supply and got more T-posts, wood posts, a gate, and barbed wire. We got to the property and we started installing the wood posts for the gate. Then we installed the gate at the top of our driveway.
Then we started installing the posts and T-posts around the back of the property. After that we started putting up the barbed wire. While we were stringing the barbed wire the "bull" came down and laid down about 10 feet from us just watching. I was really hoping he wasn't getting ticked off because we were about to fence him out. I kept an eye on him most of the time. I figured if he moved really fast I could get on the other side of the barbed wire. It's always a good idea to have an escape plan, don't you think? Anyway, it wasn't neccesary because he was really mellow. We got all the fencing done in the "backyard". We installed 6 wood poles and ran 750 feet of barbed wire.
Our new fencing.

We are almost ready to bring the motorhome over. We just have to finish fencing the top of our property, trim trees, and grade out the site for the motorhome. Today we had the fencing system down pat. We only had to dig 2 wood posts and 10 T-posts. Then we ran 3 strands of barbed wire for a total of 975 feet. Finally our homesite is protected from the cows and we can move over there.

View from the left side of the house

View from the center of the house

And the view looking right of the house

Today is the big day. It's moving day. We have no idea if we can make it in or if we can even make it up our hill. I'm really nervous. First we went over to the property to trim some trees on our right-of-way and also grade a level spot for the motorhome. Thenwe went back to our other property and finished getting the motorhome ready.

Now it's time. We have to get our 40 foot motorhome, that's like a big(really big) box, into the new place. Mike starts driving the motorhome and I am following in the jeep with our dog, Niki. We have to stop and get propane first. I leave first and I am the first one at the property and I am sick to my stomach. I can't imagine how Mike feels. All goes well until the turn for our right-of-way and Mike can't make it in. The entrance looks way too narrow. He tries again-no good. And again. Ok now I'm really going to be sick. Finally he makes it in on the 4th try. Just think of it as the "Hotel California" you can check in but you can never check out. Now we get through the gate and I go to the top of "our hill" and open that gate. I wait for Mike and I see him coming and it's not looking good. The tires start spinning and he has to back down the hill to start again.

He gets a running start and goes for it.
He's making it

Almost there

And he is at the top. That was way too stressful but now we are in. We get everything set up and now we can relax. We are so excited to finally be living on the property. Now we can work anytime we want. Mike went down to the house and started working on the brackets for our solar panels. He has to get them installed soon because we are running on generators and an invertor. I did more raking and seeding in the backyard. Now that we can water it we should have grass next month.

It was our first night here and it was so peaceful and quiet. We got to see a deer really close to the house- I can't wait to put deer block out for them.
We also got to sleep with all the windows open because no one is around and it is great.

This is what our place looks like now.

I have to finish up now because we are running my satellite off the invertor and I might lose it. 



  1. The blog is looking great, Lisa! You're doing a terrific job!


  2. Thank you LilyLady. I'm working on it. It is a very slow process.

  3. Looking more and more like God's Country. Loving the blog!!

  4. Thank you so much. I really appreciate all of your comments. I am so glad you are enjoying our story.