Friday, March 1, 2013

Motorhome Remodel...Part 3

Time to replace the floor and install a new screen door.
On this day, we were supposed to take off from the motorhome...not. I was down in the house working on inside stuff and canning. I took a break and went up to check on Mike. This is what I found

Half of the old flooring is out of the motorhome, and of course Niki found a seat.

I went inside the motorhome to see what Mike was up to. He was patching the old floor and getting it ready for the new flooring. He has two spots to fix before we can put the new floor down. First is the hole where the old post and table went. We never used this table because it made the motorhome too crowded so out it goes. And he has to patch the floor where the one back passenger seat was.

Mike cutting out some of the subfloor so he can patch it.

The square is out.

Patching it with bondo.

While he does that I get the perimeter of the rest of the floor cut free.

I get that out of the motorhome and start scraping all the glue off the floor.

Mike fills in the last hole which is from the old seat that was behind the front passenger seat.

We are ready. The bondo is dry and the floor is scraped clean of the glue.

We are using individual vinyl floor strips. We chose this for ease of installation, color, and availability at the store.

Mike starts at the side door opening.

Once he gets past the first strips I help him with peeling back the paper and lining up the strips to lay on the floor.

It's coming along nicely.

After the floor we go back to finishing the counter. We have to use what is called end caps which is sold separately for stock counter tops. They are made to be heated on the the ends of the counter top.

Mike ironing the end cap onto the front of the countertop.

And ironing into the back part of the counter.

Next Mike and I discuss adding a screen door since the ERA motorhome does not have one.  Mike wants to make a kit and try to sell it...unfortunately it is too complicated for the average person to install.

We start out by testing the size with a door from our house.

Now that we have the size we have to search down a retractable screen door that will fit.  We found one Larson door from a Lowe's store about 3 hours from us.  So off we go.  We hope this works.  Then again Mike can make most things work:)

Mike starts off by placing the new door in position.  Next he has to take measurements to make templates.  Side walls have to be made and painted.  The hard part is making the side walls because they have to be curved.

Mike gets the right side done...this is the easier side:

Next he works on the left side.  Mike had to take out part of the ceiling to install the side wall and then replace it.

The door from the inside:

Looking at it from the back of the motorhome:

And now we have a new screen door....maybe the only Era with a real retractable screen door out there:)  We are very happy with the result:)

We are finished with this remodel.  My next post will be the before and favorite:)

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