Sunday, March 3, 2013

Florida Flip 2...Bathroom Demo and Soldering Pipes

The Bathroom Demo and Soldering Pipes

Good morning. Mike and I are in the middle of building a big shed but I can write a quick story.

I will take you back to the second bathroom demo. We are gutting the entire bathroom down to the studs and starting over.

Just a quick picture of Mike working in the laundry room. We need to take out the old appliances, replace them with new, and redo the room. Mike is working on the plumbing.

Onto the bathroom. We have that beautiful very 70's avocado green bathroom. We asked around and no one wanted anything from this bathroom so the quickest way for Mike and I to gut it, is to break it apart.

Mike is starting with the cast iron tub. These are just too heavy for us to remove in one piece so we have to break it apart.

Mike using the ax to break it...and these tubs are stubborn.

Taking a break and doing an easier job. The vanity.

The vanity is almost out.

Next is the toilet and to speed up the job Mike decides to just break it out.

Mike cleaning around the toilet area...yuck!! I hate that job.

And back to the tub

Using a crowbar on the tiled wall.

Mike carefully cleaning up the shattered pieces. If you ever break up a tub or tile be very careful. The pieces are very sharp and can cut you open.

While Mike is in the bathroom working, I am taking out the tack strips in the small bedrooms.

Mike working on the bathroom walls.

After the tub and walls are out we have a huge mess to clean up. What else is new, lol? It has to get worse before it gets better.

And more.

Time to take out the soffit above the tub.

And then the bathroom ceiling.

Getting a little side tracked, lol. Mike is taking out the door jams on one of the bedroom doors. We will be replacing all the doors in the house.

New door going into the laundry room/garage.

Mike is back up in the small attic. We need to add a fan to the bathroom.

Here I am using my new fun tool to take out the tile on the bathroom floor. Note....the fancy flip flops and socks Do not do this at home When Mike and I live somewhere when doing projects we tend to just jump into a job when we feel like it

Once the floor is out and we get cleaned up, it's time to work on the new tub. Mike needs to work on the plumbing for the tub.

Mike soldering the end on the shower pipe.

Soldering an elbow for the diverter for the shower.

The diverter with piping in place getting ready to be installed.

Prepping the pipe to be installed.

The diverter is installed and there are no more leaks It may look like a mess but this is a nice job.

The new ceiling fan and vent in the ceiling.

Of course I put the new insulation in.

The new electric for the new bathroom fan.

New window installed.

And the tub is in place.

The messy part is done. The house is prepped for new sheetrock. Time to call in a crew. They do it so much faster than Mike and I can. That will be next week. It is so nice when you get to the point of putting a house back together.

I hope you enjoyed this part of the story.



  1. WHAT!! You mean you are not doing the sheetrock yourself??? But you seemed to enjoy it so much in you TN mountain home. LOL :)

    1. If I never did sheetrock again in my life, I'm sure I wouldn't miss it, lol.

  2. It's full of hardworking project but I enjoyed a lot.