Sunday, March 3, 2013

Florida Flip 2...Water Heater and Demo

Water Heaters and Demo

Good morning. It's time for another chapter in our story. I am trying not to overload everyone with pictures so I am taking it slow.

At the time of todays story we were still working on the other house so we haven't gone full blown crazy yet

Lets go back to December 8. Mike and I are almost done with the other house. We have a few more weeks before the carpet goes in there and then we need to move over here. So first things first. The water heater in this house is no we need to replace it. Mike does such a nice job of this

He starts out by disconnecting the old water heater.

Using the cut off wheel to cut the old water pipes.

After that we took the old water heater out and I cleaned up the floor and the walls. Then we put the new pan in and the new water heater in the pan.

Mike putting the thread tape on to protect the new water lines from dripping.

Adding the new flexible water lines. The flexible lines make it so easy.

Mike hooking up the electric and he is done The new water heater is in.

We should really get back to the other house to work but we just can't resist a little demo work. We have big plans for this house because of it's location. The biggest thing we want to do is make sure you see the water view when you open the from door. That means we have to take down walls and move rooms.

This is the floor plan for the house when we bought it. This is not to scale but it will show you what it was like.

The whole kitchen needs to go Some of our contractors have taken the stuff they wanted. Mike and I already took the cabinet doors off the cabinets in the kitchen. Time to tear out a kitchen

The view from the front door....those walls have to go.

The dining area that also has to go.

Oh yeah..and the den which has to go

Mike and his trusty ax....I always call it the sledgehammer Say good bye to the old rotted cabinets

While Mike goes crazy with the sledgehammer I clean up behind him. Yeah...that seems to be the story of my life, lol. He gets to have all the fun while I clean it up

We get all of the cabinets out and thrown into our garbage pile in the garage. Time to bust out some walls

Mike starting on the first kitchen wall.

And he is through.

Now we can work on the other side and tear off the sheet rock.

Time for the back wall of the kitchen.

Just breaking through.

The sheetrock is coming down.

Ooh....look...I see a view from the front door

That's two walls almost down. Time for the last wall in the kitchen.

Almost clear

And that's how fast we can make a mess

Me cleaning up.

While Mike was busy at one point I went around to see what I could do.

This is the master bedroom. We have already gotten the carpet out and we will need to prep it very soon to move into. Here I am using a shovel, hey we don't have our tools here yet lol, to get the tack strip off the floor.

And the next day....I pulled the "planter" out of the bathroom.

Next week's story will be about us getting ready to move over to this house and doing some more work. I hope you all enjoyed this story. Have a wonderful week.



  1. Are you guys on any of these TV shows called FLIP THIS HOUSE ... or something like that?? :)

    1. No shows for us. We like to share our experiences but we want to keep it real and more private.