Monday, March 4, 2013

Chapter 133...The Stairs

Off Grid...Chapter 133

Hello everyone.  This is a story I forgot to tell.  I know.  How terrible of me, lol.

Mike and I decided to build a set of stairs going from the back of our house and down the side drive.  The pavement just gets to icy in the winter.

I will share some pictures with you:)

First we start out by digging holes and putting posts into the ground.  We leave one side high for the railing and cut the other side down.   Then we screwed in 2x8's for the sides of the steps.

We also add some weed cloth and landscape rock underneath the steps so we won't have to maintain them.

Two thirds of the way to the top.

Looking up the stairs from the bottom.

The stairs are done, the railing is up and the rocks are in place.

Looking down.

The stairs are painted the same color as the house and the decorative patio blocks are in place.

The rocks underneath.

And the stairs are finished.

These steps will really come in handy when it gets too icy to walk up our drive.   At least we won't bust our bottoms in the winter:)

Next I will tell you about my 2012 garden.


  1. The stairs look great.
    I know that they have been in place for a season year or two, so you've had the chance to test them during the did they work?
    What we do on tugboats to keep from slipping, is to paint...sprinkle some sand lightly onto the wet paint, then paint over it with a top coat. (You can also buy grit paint, but why pay extra?) It works and stands up really well. Then, you can top coat it every couple of years, and add sand as needed.

    Something to think about, if you notice that they get iced up a bit, or are just slippery when wet.

    Thanks for the post

    1. They have worked well this winter. They are short steps because of our slope but they do the job. We are able to step on a "flat" surface going up or down.

      Something gritty would be a good idea. Maybe a little project for us to do. Thanks.

  2. And, do I now see THREE wind turbines up on the shed? You really need to take a walk around with the camera, and bring us up to date....LOL!!!

    1. No there are only two but Mike is changing the panels again. We ordered new poles for them made of steel this time. As soon as it dries out here I will add more pictures. I am thinking of doing a 5 year....what we have learned in April:)

  3. Lisa, I was noticing the view in your photos. Do you ever just stop, look out and still find that you're in awe of all the gorgeous scenery?

    1. I do:) I sit at the kitchen table on my laptop and all I have to do is look up. It is great just to gaze out there especially when I catch a cool sky. Right now we have fog drifting over the mountain range with drizzle and some snow on the ground.

  4. Some time ago you talked about a fellow that you met that did arial photography. Did you ever reconnect with him?? It would be great to get some arial shots of your property now. I also notice that some folks have those quadcopters with a camera. Maybe that is something you can do in your spare time. LOL

    1. Spare are funny. That is a great idea. I should dig out that phone number and see what I can have done. I want to wait until we get the solar panels moved to their "permanent" home first:)

    2. Permanent home?? Heck you might be waiting for a l-o-n-g time them. By the time Mike figures out where he finally want to put them. LOL :)

      Let's see ... back of the house. Then there was the side of the house. And now top of the container. Next ... waiting for next chapter on that. LOL