Sunday, March 3, 2013

Florida Flip 2..The House

Our Flip House 2....Part 1

Hello. My husband Mike and I love real estate. We like to remodel houses, build houses, and also redo land. This story is about the remodel that we did a couple of years back. I wish I had done stories of all of our house flips but sadly I did not take pictures of our other remodels.

So lets talk about this house. My husband, Mike, and I were on our mountain top in TN when I was checking the real estate in FL in the neighborhood that we like to buy. I saw a house come up that was on a street that we have been trying to get on for years. I got very excited and told my husband about it. We called our realtor in FL and found out there were other offers on the house. My DH and I don't like to take part in bidding wars but we had a number in our head that we would be willing to go up to. We started the back and forth bidding process without ever seeing the home. We knew this was a great location house. The funny thing was...our Realtor was in CT at the time we made our offer and we were in TN. Nothing like getting the job done We ended up closing on the house in the Spring of 2009. We had no plans of going down to FL until the Fall of 2009 and we had to work on another house first. So this house would have to wait.

Here is the house we bought site unseen. We did check Google maps to see what the other houses on the block looked like and also the location of it.

Here is what we bought:

The front:

The garage:

Looking through the front door:

The back side of the kitchen:

The kitchen:

The back Lanai:

The outside of the lanai screen room:

And the real reason we wanted this house on this block....the back canal:


We knew it had to be pretty bad since there were no other inside pictures

This house was built in the 70's. It is a 3 bedroom 2 bath home. Everything in the house is original. The only good thing about it was the newer roof...other than it being orange It has an incredible location with lots of potential. As my story unfolds I will show you the work that was done.

I hope you all enjoy this story.


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