Sunday, March 3, 2013

Florida Flip 2...More Demo and Moving In

More Demo and Moving In

Hello everyone. It's time for another segment for our story. I don't want to overload the pictures.

So far we have gotten the kitchen walls out. We have two more walls to go and then we should be wide open

We have scheduled the carpet installation at the other flip which means we have to get this house ready for us to move into while we work on it.

We will use the master bedroom for our "living" and we will set up a table for kitchen work next to the refrigerator that we saved.

Mike is in the master bedroom taking out the baseboards.

The baseboards are out.

While Mike works on that I get the closet ready by painting it. There are a lot of nooks and crannies in closets...ugh!!! They are not my favorite thing to paint

Next we sweep down the ceiling, the walls and the bedroom floor. Now it's time to paint. Mike rolls the ceiling. After he does that I start to cut in the corners on the ceiling and the walls.

My cut in.

Mike rolling the walls.

Now we have to wait for the paint to dry. On to more demo in the main area

Mike tearing up the front wall.

It's starting to disappear.

That was all we did that day. We had to get back to the other house.

A new day!!


We bought some floor paint for the master bedroom. It was just too gross to move into so we decided to make it fresh.

I did the cut in which is my job while Mike rolled the floor paint on. What a team we are

After we cleaned up the brushes and the rollers we got back to the main section.

The walls are gone except for the studs.

Now it's time to take the soffit down. Most of the houses in this neighborhood were built in the 70's. Most of them had and still have soffits in the bathrooms and the kitchens. Mike and I think they make the homes look old so we take them out.

Time for the kitchen soffit to come down. Mike uses the reciprocating saw and the ax to start the process.

Mike starting on the soffit.'s coming down.

And it is down.

Time for me to clean up the mess.

Mike sweeping up the final debris. Wow what a day!!!

We moved out of the other house and now we are setting up to stay here.

Mike puts the plantation doors back on the windows in the master bedroom. That is the one room where we can keep the window coverings

Niki, our pug, has a new home in the hall closet. This poor dog has moved more times than most people. She is good with it as long as she has her bed

My temporary kitchen which is so much better than the last house

Our living quarters in the bedroom.


We are moved in but we still have the bathroom to do at the other house. We are almost done with that house

Finally we have filled the garage so it's time to call our dumpster company. They give us a discount if we fill it the same day they drop it off. Sounds good to me.

The garage is full.

The dumpster is here. It should take us a couple of hours to load it up

We got a little carried away and made it quite full. I jump on top to stomp some stuff down.

We are done and the first dumpster is being hauled away

Well that's all for now. We need to do a lot of planning and a lot of shopping for the next few rounds. I love the planning but Mike and I both hate the shopping.

I hope you all enjoyed this story.



  1. I love Florida ... maybe because it is a place to get away from the cold of the north in the winter. My daughter and I have a condo in Fort Myers. We bought it a couple of years ago when the housing market took a nose dive and picked it up for a song ... no dance included. :)

    Now I'm finding it too busy there. Too much traffic and am looking for someplace quieter with a lot less traffic.

  2. Yeah Florida is pretty busy. I don't care for that but Mike and I also don't like staying here for the winters.

    We stayed at a fantastic campground in North Fort Myers in January this year. We may go back...for the people at the park not the traffic, lol.