Friday, March 1, 2013

Motorhome Remodel Before and After

Time for the fun stuff:):)

The before and after pictures

The motorhome looking back before:



The kitchen area before with no cabinets...only small drawers that didn't reach all the way back.

And after:

Front of the cabinets with the kick plate underneath.

The new storage underneath.

The wet area:

My cabinet...where the old seat used to be.

Our original door...without a screen which is a stock photo with the seat in the way, no privacy and no screen:

Our new screen door which is awesome:)

That's all for this remodel. It took Mike and I just under a week to do this project. We were also cutting down trees and splitting logs in between, lol.

I hope you enjoyed this story and information.

Happy camping. Time for a road trip 

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