Sunday, March 3, 2013

Florida Flip 2...Tearing Out Walls And Ripping Up Tile

Tearing Out Walls and Ripping Up Tile

Back to the open area of the house. We still have to clean up the soffit area and add insulation before it can be covered with sheetrock.

Mike cutting nails from the wood.

Making sure it is all clear of any nails and wires.

Mike goes up into the attic for the first time to pull up wires. It is a very tight area.

Onto another wall. We know where we are going to put the kitchen. Now it's time to get rid of the old walls and the old wiring.

Mike taking out the first wall where the old door was for the old den.

He is getting the sheetrock off the studs.

While he works on that I get to work on one of my favorite jobs. Yeah...I'm a little odd, lol.

Here I am putting in the insulation in the ceiling.

And the open soffit area is almost filled.

And back to Mike. He is on the last wall to be redone for the new kitchen.

Next he starts to work on the old header of the old pocket door. It needs to come down.

Pulling the old header down.

Mike pulling out the last wall.

New job Onto the backyard. There were a couple of poles sticking out of the ground with rope when we bought the house. I guess at one time the previous owner used it to tie down a boat. Now we have to take it out.

The rope was buried. Here is Mike trying to pull it out...and it was endless

I am working on the second pipe. We are trying to get it out of the ground.

We can't get it out so Mike cuts it down below the surface of the ground.

That job is done

Back inside and it is night time. That is one of the benefits of living in a house while you remodel. You can work anytime you feel like it

We have to remove the black tile that is in the entrance way. The only tool we have right now is the Mike starts to bang away.

Hmm!!! Looks like we will need a better tool for this job. What a mess this old tile is.

I clean up the mess we made and we call it a day. We will have to go shopping for a new tool and it's time to get some new doors

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