Sunday, March 3, 2013

Florida Flip 2...Part 6

French Doors

Here is another part of our story.

The back of the house had one 16 foot sliding door and one 8 foot sliding door. Mike and I debated whether or not to change these doors out. We had to work within a budget and new back doors would eat a lot of the budget up. Well after going back and forth we decided to go for it. Our vision for this house is to make it have a water view, and also make it fresh and new. Old sliding doors will not work with our out they go.

We start with the one big 16 foot door. We got the glass out.

Next Mike pulls up the floor track.

Then he works on taking the door frame out.

We put up a 2x4 just as a temporary support until we get the new doors in. I am trying to clean up the floor under the door track.

We decided on French doors with built in mini blinds for the new doors. This way you can always see the water, have some privacy when needed, and not have blinds or curtains blowing around.

The first door is in place.

And the second door is in place.

There was another problem with the original 16 food sliding doors. It allowed no privacy into the master bedroom. If someone was on the back patio they could see right into the master bedroom...not cool. So Mike and I decided to replace the one big 16 foot sliding door with two 6 foot French doors and build a small 4 foot wall near the bedroom for privacy.

Mike is anchoring the base for the new wall.

The frame for the new wall is done. (Do you like our fishing line holding the doors closed, lol? Without that the doors could swing open and fly out until we have them completely installed) We will have to install the door knobs as soon as everything is in place.

We bought cement board for the outside of the new wall. We will use sheet rock on the inside.

Mike cutting the cement board.

Mike installing the cement board onto the 2x4's.

And my favorite. Putting some insulation in

Once the doors are level and working properly we need to finish them. We fill in insulation around any of the air gaps. Now it's time for trim to make them look nice.

Mike screwing in the side trim.

The trim is done on the first two doors.

Same thing for the third sliding glass door. Mike unscrews the frame.

And pulls it off.

While we were at the store buying the doors we picked up a new gadget...and I get to use it first

It is a very cool tool

Another small wall needs to be built. Since we are replacing an 8 foot door with a 6 foot door we are adding the extra 2 feet on the outside portion of the new "big" room.

The three new doors in the main area are in along with the new door knobs.

OK....only one more sliding door to replace. The small bedroom in the back of the house has a 6 foot sliding door that goes out to the back patio.

Getting ready to take the glass out.

The glass is gone and Mike is working on the old frame.

The new doors are in and functioning.

Mike screwing in the new frame.

The last French Doors are in. Now we just need to fill the gaps and trim it out...oh and of course paint everything.

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the French Door story.



  1. Gonna start calling you "The Insulation Girl". LOL :)

    1. I know, I'm strange that way, lol.