Saturday, July 13, 2013

Life Is About Making Memories

Life really is about the small things to make you happy.  It's about making memories.  Mike and I are very lucky to live so close to his daughter and the grandkids.  We try to get together at least once a week.  Most sundays we all get together for breakfast and some fun.  After breakfast we may bake together, play pool, go outside for a hike, or just go out and play on the property.

Here are some pictures from a couple of weeks ago.  Our granddaughter Ella brought over some of her birthday presents for us to play with.  Luckily we had a beautiful day:)

Ella got this cool game with a play rocket.  It is launched into the air when we jump on the air pump.

AJ's turn:

And Nicole going for the gold, lol:

Of course Papa had to give it a try:

AJ shoots one in the air:

And the coolest toy I think Ella got was her bow and arrow set.  Here she is:

Nicole showing AJ what to do:

And me...the pro...not, lol, but having fun:

Nicole and Ella:

AJ giving it a try on his own:

Ella and AJ playing with her racquets and tennis ball:

I'm really glad we are getting to spend this time with the kids.  Hopefully we are making good memories for them.  I know I really enjoy our Sundays together.

Speaking of making memories, Ella and I did something completely new this Friday.  I heard that Mr. Bond the Science Guy would be preforming a show at my local library.  Mr. Bond the Science Guy  I invited both AJ and Ella to go with me but it was really geared for younger kids.  I will have to plan something fun with AJ but here is a glimpse of the day with Ella at the show.  I started the day by picking up Ella and we stopped at a couple of yard sales on our way to the library.  Ella and I both lke those:)  We scored a couple of good deals and then got Ella a library card at my library and got some books.  She now has a tote bag just like mine for her library books:) Then it was to the back room for the show.  Since we were early, Ella and I helped set up the chairs for the show.

Mr. Bond...The Science Guy letting two children pull apart the magnet:

Here is the "Earth":

We learned about magnets, the rotation, and the core.

A cool experiment:

Ella didn't get to be a part of the show, maybe next time, but I was asked to help.  Ella took some really goofy pictures of me:

Her I am dumping a bucket of warm water into a chemical to make things freeze:

Mr. Bond letting the kids feel the steam which is actually cold:

Me waving to Ella:

After we left there I treated Ella to ice cream and we stopped at an antique store for her to look around. She is really into miniature tea sets.  She got lucky and found a few and scored a deal:)

Then we went back to my house and watched Charlotte's Web together.  After that Nicole and AJ came over for meatball parmesan subs.  We had a great day.  Next time Ella wants to have a girls day and do our nails, lol.  I also have to think of something that AJ would like to do:)

Like I is about enjoying the small things.  Make your own memories by spending time with your family.  Check out what your local area has to offer for a variety of fun.  We are very lucky to live in an area that is surrounded by natural outdoor beauty and fun.  Mike, Nicole the kids and I have many things planned for future fun in Tennessee:):)

Enjoy your family and make your own memories.  Life really is about enjoying the simple things and the good times!!!


  1. Lisa, the pictures are very nice! Yes, making memories is a wonderful thing. What's even better is when they talk about it over and over again - even years later! I looked at all the photos of everyone outside and I couldn't help but think how nice it must be to be outside and no mosquitos!!

    Good story.

    Kathy B

    1. I love living near the kids and being able to share so many things. Hopefully they will remember these times as fondly as I do:)

      Maybe no mosquitos but we have had a lot of rain here this year.

      Thanks for writing in.

  2. Warm water into dry ice to make a vapor cloud, excellent!
    Suprised he didnt make 'hot ice'..(look on YouTube for hot ice, its something you can do in the kitchen and facinate the kiddies with it afterwards).

    Making memories is a wonderful thing to do, so that they will always think fondly of thier lives when they are older.
    I wish you well...


    1. Ohh...thanks. I will check into that. It;s always fun to try something new:)

      I hope they remember these good times as they get older also.

  3. Love it! Oh, looks like y'all were having so much fun! :) You are so right about these memories lasting - for all of you! I am quite sure that you had as much fun(or more) than she did. She will always remember this. That's what is important - as you have shown!


  4. What a wonderful time everyone looked like they were having Lisa..lucky to be living so close to Nicole and the kids! Memories are being made and will not ever be forgotten...good job!


    1. Thank you Barb. I know we are lucky to live so close. I hope they enjoy these times as much as Mike and I do.