Monday, July 22, 2013

Chapter 163...Hanging The Drywall And Painting The Inside Of The Store

Finally we are ready to get the inside of the store finished.  Our new drywall man shows up with his uncle and his young son.  It's a family business.  They start out by hanging the first row of 12 foot boards on the ceiling:

Next they work on the bathroom ceiling:

They almost done hanging the boards on the ceiling.  That is the hard part:

The drywall is almost all up:

Tom, our drywall man, used a router with a drywall bit to cut out the drywall around the outlets.  This is so cool.  Tom said if you don't fight the tool and let it do it's job it takes no time at all.  It sure beats measuring and using a razor blade to cut out the squares for the outlets:

Cool...I love gadgets and tools that make the job easier:

They are finished hanging the drywall.  The next day Tom will be back to start spackling:

Mike and I load up the trailer with all of the drywall debris to take it to the dump. Tom needs everything cleared out so he can spackle:

The inside is ready for Tom:

While Tom is inside Mike and I work on the metal trim:

Mike is nailing the last piece of trim:

Mike working on the back:

We go inside to check on Tom.  He is a spackling fool:):

After Tom finishes the job, Mike and I give it a couple of days to dry.  It's time to paint:

We start with the ceiling.  I use my angled brush to cut in the corners and edges and Mile rolls the ceiling:

And on to the walls:

I'm cutting in before Mike rolls:

Almost done:

We needed to paint two coats to cover the raw drywall but we are done.  Next it's time for the floor.

Here I am scraping any of the big chunks of dried sheertrock mud off the floor:

I did the edges and Mike rolls:

Almost done:

The painting inside is done:

I'm glad that is over.  Now we can get to the fun stuff adding the shelves and loading them up:)

I hope you all enjoyed this story and I will write again soon.


  1. Always so clean & tidy thanks for including us in your process. :)


  2. I haven't been commenting much lately, but I have been following along. Just curious ... and you may have covered this somewhere else ... but why no windows in the store?? Isn't it going to look rather dark and gloomy inside ... even with lighting??

    1. Since we won't be open much as this is just a hobby it is safer that way. Many of the stores and shops here don't have windows and they are fine inside.

  3. The place looks great! Can't wait for the shelves, to make it start to really look like a store! You're gonna have to post the address one of these days, so we can come and so some shopping!

    I'm glad that you were able to paint the floor. I had planned to do that with our garage, but the water-table is so high, that the moisture would come up through the concrete, so paint wouldn't stick. We did the "test", where we taped a piece of clear plastic sheeting to the floor, and then saw how much moisture stayed there....
    Tried painting a small area (just because I'm stubborn...LOL!) and it has pealed up. I sure hope you don't have that problem.

    Can't wait for the next installment!

    1. The floor is holding up well although I did get white paint on it when I painted the trim and shelves...grr!! I am good at painting but way too messy.

  4. Also notice that there only appears to be 1-2 ceiling boxes? How many lights do you plan to have in there? Or, are they going to be lights that plug in to the wall outlets?


    1. We have 4 ceiling boxes, actually ceiling outlets, in the main area, a bathroom light and also a closet light. It is fine inside but we do need one extra light by the counter.

  5. It looks good, as always, Lisa. Did I miss it, or have you said what you will be selling in the store?

    1. I am so sorry for the delay. Mike and I have been super busy. We had to make a trip to FL. It looks like we have a winter project:)

      The store was built to increase the value. While we have it we will play and sell gently used secondhand items and local foods. It will be like a very nice yard sale:)