Monday, July 1, 2013

Chapter 160...Insulation My Favorite:):)

Mike and I are getting ready for the sheetrock crew.  He needs to get any extra studs installed and finish up the electrical.  While Mike works on that I will insulate all the walls and the ceiling:).  I am a strange one but I really like that job.

The wiring that Mike has to finish.  Once he gets that done I will install the insulation:)

Mike adding more wood to nail the drywall to:

From underneath:

I'm working my way around the building.  Here I am adding insulation behind the electric wires:

The walls are done:

Mike got the shower base in place:

Mike nailing the bathroom wall studs to the back wall:

Mike has the bathroom wall up, the electric wires and switch box in place:

Now that the walls are done I need to do the ceiling.  Mike came over to help me but I figured out a way of dong it myself so he can work on things I can't do.  It is a little awkward:

But I got it:)  Here I am stapling the paper from the insulation into the trusses.  Mike watched a TV show and told me how to do it differently.  Years ago we used to staple the paper to the bottom of the truss which caused problems for the drywall crew.  Now I push the insulation a little higher and staple it  to the sides above where the ceiling will be installed.  No staples are on the bottom of the trusses:

I use ladders to hold the insulation in place and walk the one end up to start stapling.  I did lose the strip of insulation a few times but for the most part it works well:

Slow and steady:

Mike getting all of the electric wires down from the ceiling and into the breaker box:

Ooh....I'm getting closer:

Cutting the insulation to fit:

Up on one ladder while the second ladder holds the other end in place:

Reaching over to staple the middle and then the other end:

I can't do the ceilings in the utility room and bathroom until Mike finishes with the lights.  We also need to order more insulation for me to finish the walls.  It is has been a good couple of days.

That's all for now.  I hope you enjoyed this story and I will write again soon:)


  1. I know you are basically done, but if you ever attempt that insulation work again, you might want to consider renting some of those stilts that the sheetrock guys use....instead of working on those ladders?
    I like that idea about pushing the insulation up into the rafters, and stapling.
    Another option might be to buy those metal insulation rods (normally used in a crawl space), and just pop them up between the rafters...probably a lot quicker than the staples, and once the sheetrock is in place, it won't matter.

    Once again....great job....can't wait for the next installment!

    Oh, and it seems as if Mike has finally found the camera....LOL!! Pictures of Lisa!!

  2. Im wondering why you two dont wear saftey goggles of some sort?
    Insulation always flakes off, and thats glass in the eyes.
    Mike could lose and eye if a nail goes wrong, (I got my eyes saved, when a BB came and shattered a lens and didnt put my eye out! Been wearing saftey glass ever since I was 13 years old in my glasses!).

    Also, I like to 'cut' my insulation when Im putting them in the walls, for electrical lines... (dont cut paper, but, you can slice the insulation and stick the wires in, and it just lays better I think...and, I never overload my lines to get them hot either, if your worried about that one).
    I wish you well...


    1. Mike and I are not the model citizens when it comes to safety. We usually just jump in and go. I have no trouble with the insulation while Mike can be on the other side of the building and start coughing because of it.

      We never overload our electric either:)

  3. Sheetrock Crew? I thought yall just LOVE to do that mess yourselves!! LoL

  4. Hey Lisa, do you think upping the insulation helps significantly with energy efficiency? The house we're in now is about 80-90 years old and the insulation is old clothing, blankets and newspaper. Our electric bill in the winter gets up to $800!! I do want to get the fireplace repaired so we can at least have some supplemental heat, but when we build we want to make sure our house is as efficient as possible. One thing we'd considered was upping the insulation like crazy to see if that helps to insulate it any. Thoughts?

    1. Ouch...that must hurt. Older house are known for being very drafty and not energy efficient.

      Here is a link to help save some money now:

      As for your new home...the recommended insulation will be fine. You want to make sure you have no gaps and drafts at any doorways and windows. Get better windows and doors. There is a great loss of heat through windows.