Friday, August 11, 2017

Mike and His Shipping Containers

Mike is obsessed with shipping containers.  I'm surprised he hasn't tried to talk me into turning one into a house, lol.  Anyway for us it is always a problem with getting them up to the top of our land.  Mike "thinks" we can get them up but the last time we did there was no fence.  Ah...this should be fun.

Mike found a place to order one trip containers from.  That means they crossed the water only one time so they should be like new.

Now it's time to prep the area for them.

I made 8 concrete blocks filled with rebar for the corners of the containers when they arrive.  That is a lot of hand mixing.  Seriously with all the small concrete jobs we do we should get a mixer, lol.  Oh right....that is usually me ha, ha.

Next Mike had a delivery of gravel.  The containers will sit in the back yard where my old garden was.

We borrowed a friend's site level and Mike is setting it up so we can get each of the 4 corners level:

Spreading and adding more gravel where needed.  Mike and his tractor:

And the bad boys are here.  We had to have them delivered to the "store" since they came together on one big truck:

Next we waited for our local towing company.  The driver went over to the entrance to our property to see how to get them in.  We told them to back in as the swing room will be wider for them and we may have to take out a pole that is hanging out in the road.

I was too nervous to take pictures at that time but they got it done and the truck and container are in the right-of-way.  Woo hoo:

The man who delivered "both" containers decided to stay and help until they were both on spot.  He is an excellent driver so his help was greatly appreciated.  Backing in the first container:

One down and one more to go:

And back to the store to do it all over again.  This time we know it can be done.

It's still spooky watching big things go to the top of our land:

And the second one going in place:

Mike is a happy man now.  Now he has more places to fill and organize.  We really don't have that much "stuff" but Mike likes it all spread out.

We hired a company to build a metal roof connecting the two containers.  This was we have covered storage for vehicles.

They start with the frame pieces:

Those are up:

Mike watching and learning although sometimes he can teach the ones doing the work:

All finished and being used:


Next up...back to the inside of the house and more projects:)


  1. I always love seeing your projects!

  2. I agree that you need a cement mixer...and a two wheeled wheelbarrow! All the years that I have been watching you carry around 5-gal buckets has my back as sore as Mikes must have been.
    Here is the mixer that my wife bought me for my birthday years's relatively small, very handy, and while it is a Harbor Freight item, it's lasted through plenty of projects and is still in great working order.
    I'm glad to see that Mike had the roof done by professionals....I imagine it was "killing him" to just stand and watch them to this, but with his back on the mend, it was the smart thing to do. If you don't mind me asking, about how much do the containers cost? I'm guessing it won't be long before you are painting those too! LOL!!
    I'm so glad to see you back posting of your adventures.
    Bill & Claudia

    1. What a cute little mixer. Maybe for a Christmas gift. Thanks for the link.

      The new containers were $3000. each. Mike loves the security of them especially when we travel.

  3. Oops....I see that you did paint them...I was expecting you go go with the green again...the white looks great, and will keep them cooler (at least a little bit) during the summer.

    1. No more green. We have changed almost everything.

  4. Hello folks
    Glad your back and a pleasure to read your words again.
    Containers look very good; I to had to look twice at the color of them , at first I thought they were Gull Gray.
    I was like Mike but realized a while ago that some projects were worth paying to have done, especial, sense I did it once for the experience, then the thrill of doing it was gone (It's a man thing Lisa ) lol .And I am sure Mike feels along the same lines or will in time.
    Again looks good and i suspect Mike will be wanting to bring power to the new storage or establish a new solar array, that is a project he has expertise with and not labor intensive .
    Well i will go for now , I will be looking in and reading.

    Reguards Rusty