Saturday, August 12, 2017

Kitchen Counters, Spare Bedroom, Painting Floors and Redoing Shelves

This should wrap up last year's projects.  And then we can get to more current things.

I love islands in the kitchen and we were going to add one awhile back but never got to it.  Finally we decided to do this and add new countertops.  We ordered a textured laminate countertop and left my old cabinets since they are in good shape.

Then we added two new 30 inch base cabinets to make an island and extra storage:):)  I also got a new 5 burner stove.  Now I can do lots of cooking:)

My new countertops and island...I love it:

The spare bedroom that has been so many different kinds of rooms over the years and needed a change.  Since we had the furniture and bedding from the lake house we decided to make the room nicer than it was.

First we started out by raising the closet in the alcove area:

It always looks worse before it can get better:

After Mike cut down the old doors he reinstalls them:

Now for some very light spray texture.  We found for a small room it was easier to put a pvc tube in the spray texture gun instead of that big and heavy hopper.  We mixed up the joint compound with water to a milkshake consistency and poured it into the tube.  Then Mike sprayed it on the walls:

And then the finishing touches.  After the spray texture dried we painted.  Mike did the rolling and I did the cut in.  We decided to do an accent section in the alcove using the colors from the bedspread. The rest of the walls we did a very light grey.

We also took out all of the ceiling tiles and painted those.  That was a very tedious job.

Mike putting the painted ceiling tiles back up:

The new wider trim going in:

An updated cleaner spare room:

and onto other jobs:)

The shipping container floors have never been painted so that is next:

Almost done and looking much better:

Now we can start working on the shelves.  We dismantled the shelves when we moved back from the lake house.  Now it's time to put them back together.

Mike nailing the legs to the shelves:

Three of them are nailed back together:

Mike repairing some of the holes from the bad wood.  After that I painted them so they will be nice and fresh in our new buildings:

That pretty much wrapped up last year's projects.  We left early last year for an extended road trip. I'll tell you about that next.

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