Sunday, August 6, 2017

Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies....what a way for me to start posting again, lol.  It has been awhile since I have been
here but since then I(gained some) and then lost a total of 25 pounds because of smoothies.  Also a few of my friends were talking about smoothies this morning I decided to post this.

I put on too much weight after Mike and I got home this winter.  I needed to do something and I came across a book and an encouragement group online for the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith and I have to say it works.  Her Book  I did the modified version first and that's how I lost most of my weight.  I also lost my cravings for sweets which for me is unbelievable although I have been slowing eating more of those...which I need to watch.

Anyway this recipe is for "my" version of a green smoothie.  You can use them to replace one or two meals each day.  If I go up a bit in weight I will have two.  (Today is a 2 smoothie day)  If not I try to have one for breakfast and it keeps me full.  At least with this as the scale fluctuates I can easily get back on track if I go back to having a smoothie or two.

The general rule is:
2 cups of packed greens
2-3 cups fruit gradually working your way to less fruit
2 cups liquid
added protein if you use it as a meal replacement
If it is not sweet enough you can add a packet of sweetener but it is best to end up with more greens than fruit and less sweetener after you get used to drinking them

Today's recipe:
1/2 cup Silk Protein Nut Milk(I like using this because it makes the smoothie creamy.  Bananas also do this)
1 1/2 cups iced green tea(decaf)
1 Tbl.  Chia Seeds
2 cups juicing greens
1 peach
1/2 apple
1 cup blueberries

Put the liquids and chia seeds in first:

Add the greens and mix.  It is harder to mix and chop the greens if you add the fruit at the same time:

Add fruit:

And mix.  If it is too thick you can always add more liquid:

This makes 2 servings.  They are best within 24 hours.  Also the colder they are the better they taste:

This for me was a jump start but it turned out that I liked a lot of the smoothies and decided to make them a part of my life.  They are very healthy and I know I am getting my fruits and veggies without even trying.

If you need to lose some weight give it a try.  There is also a great encouragement group on FB if you want to join.


  1. We have missed you guys so much....and it's great to see you writing again. I'm gonna try the smoothie...I guess we could all lose a few pounds.

    1. How have you been? Mike and I have had a crazy summer. I tell you about it soon.:)

    2. How have you been? Mike and I have had a crazy summer. I tell you about it soon.:)

  2. To many things to write about...some good, some not, but we are surviving.
    Am I correct, from the photo, that you guys are now "Official", not that it mattered. You make such a great couple. How was the Helicopter ride?
    I'm sure most of us have dozens of questions...Have you sold the place in FL? Any other "flips" on the horizon? How is Niki? How is the extended family? And of course, how is the homestead on the hill doing, did you get a good garden in this year?