Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bathroom Update and Making a Cabinet From A Levoured Door

Looks like I need to do quite a few recaps to get caught up on our lives and pictures.

In the spring of 2016 when Mike and I got back from the lake house in Florida we decided we wanted to make a few changes to the house.  Since Mike hurt his back we had to take things slow.

Here are some of the pictures of our bathroom remodel and also painting the bathroom vanity and making a cabinet using an old levoured door.

We are moving a stackable washer and dryer into the bathroom and Mike has to redo the plumbing to connect the washer to the main drain in the floor:

Next up....our vanity.  This is a solid wood vanity and made very well.  We don't want to buy a new one so we decided to paint it to see how it would come out.  Mike has to unhook everything first:


Taking the old shower stall out:

More plumbing that has to be changed:

Gluing pipes and starting the drywall repairs:

Cutting the new tile for the bathroom:

Mike working on the shower drain:

We changed the shower pan and had to fix the tile in front of it:

Mike working on installing the glass shower doors:

The old vanity when we bought it:

After we painted it and the top being weighed down:

The fun stuff....trying to make a new cabinet.  We needed something for storage in between the toilet and the vanity.  We had no luck finding anything that was pre made so we decided to make a cabinet.  We are going to use and old levoured closet door for the front and make shelves for behind the door.  Mike patching the nail holes after we put the shelves together:

I painted them:

Spraying the door:

And putting it together:

Now we have lots of storage and no weight issues since it sits on the floor:

The new bathroom, shower(you can see it in the mirror), and tile:


Our new shower:

And washer and dryer:

Since Mike was flat on his back for a lot of the spring I picked up the slack with the tiling but didn't get any pictures.  Now he is much better, thankfully but last year was rough although we still got a lot done.

That's all for now.  I will update at a fast pace to catch up.


  1. Looking great! I was looking at the pics and thought how great it would look if you framed the mirror with trim the same color as the vanity. I am always amazed at your projects! :) Kats

    1. Thanks Kats. That is a really good idea about the mirror. Hmm...I wonder if we have any of that paint left:)

  2. YAY for updates, but BOO for Mike's back!!! I have often wondered what you two were up to and where you would decide to settle down, what with all the medical issues and changes you experienced in the last couple years. So glad to see you posting again, as I have followed your blog from the beginning and always love reading your updates! Make sure Mike takes it nice and slow, there's no shame in that!

    1. Thank you so much. This year Mike's back is much improved but we have both become very cautious. Those hand trucks sure are handy, lol. We are thinking of settling in "one" place one of these years...maybe. We are taking good care of each other...thanks:)

  3. All I kept thinking while reading this post.."and he's doing this with a bad back?" back was hurting just watching him crawling around upside down into the vanity and working on the shower...LOL!! Not exactly the job I would have tackled with a sore back.
    The cabinet looks great, and I agree, a trim for the mirror would really make it POP! The tile work looks great.

    1. Mike is very careful now. We actually both have been since that happened. We both use back braces and hand trucks a lot more.

      Thank you...I did most of the tile:) Well Mike still did the cuts. Agreed about the mirror. I forget why we didn't do that. Mid to older age is setting in, lol.