Monday, November 2, 2015

Sod and a New Screen Door

Hello everyone.  It's time to clean up the mess that was left behind by the concrete crew.  But first I'll show you are new retractable screen door.

We needed a screen door for the front door but we didn't want to take hide the front door so we decided to add a retractable screen door.  It's the same one we put in our motorhome.

Mike unwrapping it to put it all together:

And a quick jump(just like TV, lol) and it is all done:

From the outside:

And now for the sod….two pallets worth…uhj!!

The last one coming in:

Niki here to supervise:

It's getting a little greener:

Before we were able to add sod to the patio area and driveway we hauled quite a few wheel barrows full of dirt to build it up.

Mike lays sod in front of the patio:

I'm working on the old walkway:

 Mike working on the driveway:

It looks good.  Most of the side of the driveway was dirt:

And now for the endless watering job:

Everything is starting to look finished:

It wasn't a bad job and it really didn't take us too long.  It took Mike and I about 4 hours to lay the sod….all in a day's work:)

We have been doing all kinds of small projects this last month and I will continue to share them.  I hope you enjoyed this quick update and I will post again on Thursday for a recipe and next Monday for a story.



  1. Your FL home is really looking nice.

    1. Thank you…a little more each day. I can't wait to show you what we started "today":)

  2. The yard and drive way look great! Funny seeing how green everything is down there and you two in summer clothes. It is getting cooler in Tn and I have put my summer clothes up for the season. BTW I loved your meatball sub recipe, I actually think I may be able to get Bob to eat that!

    Enjoy reading your stories! Glad you are back writing them.


    1. We are having a heat wave here…ugh!! I do miss the fall colors though. Enjoy them for me:) Mike is very picky and he loves those subs…give them a try. Any kind of meatball will do.

  3. Lisa - I'm impressed by it all! :) Looks GREAT!

    I would definitely like some more info on the retractable screen doors. Can you give me a website that I can look up? I would appreciate it.

    Susan - CA Sweet Pea

  4. The Florida place is looking awesome!! What's the status of the TN home? Just have to ask... do you miss living off grid? =)

    I, too, would like more info on the retractable screen doors!! Thanks a bunch!!


    1. I'm doing more cooking with my Kitchen Aid which I wouldn't do in TN, lol. Other than that "our" living is about the same. Other than having to run the A/C but that is Florida.

  5. Thank you ladies for writing in. Mike and I got the Larsen's retractable screen from Lowe's. Just make sure it is for a regular door and not a patio/sliding glass door. They are different screens.

    Here is the one we bought:

    Our only problem is we can't close our door with the screen in place. The door handle hits the screen. It must be the depth of our sill plate(the bottom of the door). That would be something to keep in mind.

    Now id only the weather would break so we can use it:)