Thursday, November 12, 2015

Steak Bites

Here is another one of Mike's favorites and it is super easy.  Surprisingly enough Mike saw this recipe on The Pioneer Woman's show, which is very strange that he even saw it.  He was scanning the TV channels and saw beef…enough said, lol.  So thank you Ree for a great recipe.

Only 4 ingredients:
1 pound of sirloin steak or pre cut beef tips
Kosher salt and ground black pepper
2 Tbl butter

The beef:

Cut off any fat and cut in into cubes:

Add the butter to a hot skillet and cook on medium high heat:

Wait until the butter gets good and brown:

Add the meat…it should sizzle:

After only 30-45 seconds(depending on the size of your beef cubes) flip the meat over:

It is finished in another 30-45 seconds.  Put the meat on a plate, pour those buttery juices on top and serve with rice.

Now that is Mike's kind of meal.


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