Monday, November 9, 2015

This and That at the Lake House

Mike and I have been pretty busy doing all kinds of things.  We have been all over the place from cleaning up, to fixing the dock, working on the van, using a new lake weed cutter and adding a cover for our patio.  In order for me to give you a story each week I need to stretch it out.  So let me take you back to some cleaning up, doing more rock, painting brick, and moving a gutter.

Once we got enough dirt in this section we covered it with weed cloth:


And put the rock in.  Eventually we will take the sliding doors out, make new walls and add two windows….then we can add some plants:

Now that the concrete is finished we can finally get everything cleaned up.  Mike starts the pressure washing and I follow along and wash all the windows and screens:

Just a little more work….I started painting the curbs.  Last year the curb man matched the wrong color for the curbs….he matched the red brick that is under the windows.  That was definitely the wrong color for Mike and I, lol.  Niki back to her supervising:

I painted the ones on the right and the small one is still kind of orange:

Mike needs to repair the spot on the house where we took the old wall out.  As you can see this house was originally brick and was covered over with stucco.  We don't want to call in a stucco crew and since we can't match it we are going to move the gutter over…for now:

The board Mike is going to use:

The board is painted to match the house:

Installing it:

While Mike works on that I start to stain the brick under the bay window:

Moving the gutter:

And it is finished:

A couple of days later I look out the kitchen window and Mike is messing with the rusted old flagpole that he hates.  He really thinks there is a toilet plunger(ball) on the top of it.  After many trips back and forth with tools he finally got the pole cut.  Now he is pulling on it so that it will fall to the ground…and hopefully not hit him:

Another job well done:

Mike testing out our new hammock that our friends gave us:)

That's all for now.  And a switch up next week…we will be doing some mechanical work on the van…since Mike got ticked at the rip off quote from Dodge.

Have a great week and I'll write again next Monday.


  1. I have been wondering about the sliders that seem to have once been garage doors. What rooms in the house used to be garage? You probably said, but I forget. I think you said you will be closing off these doors with solid walls? That will look good.
    Thanks for all the updates. gentlearts

    1. Yes at one time that was the garage…with no driveway. That is now the room off the dining room which is where our pool table is. Yes we would like to close that off and build walls and have two windows instead of the door.

  2. Everything looks great, but.....OK, Mike is usually a stickler, so I'm wondering why he didn't pick-up a short section of the gutter, to keep the gutter running to the edge of the roof. I think I would have taken the end piece off, and added a small section. With the dark gutters, you probably wouldn't notice it from a distance, and it would go to the edge of the roof...which you will notice from a distance.
    Never mind...I just realized that the gutter is only about 10' long, and doesn't run the whole length of the roof, so it just covers the doorway area.....I should have know...Mike wouldn't have messed that up!

    Can't wait to see what's coming next.....thanks again for including us in your projects.

    1. Ha, ha…you know what's sad? We made more changes and now that gutter isn't even there, lol. You'll see soon:)