Monday, November 16, 2015

Working on the Dock

Little by little Mike and I are putting this house back together.  This week I will take you back to us fixing our dock.

Mike has to start with replacing any rotted boards:

Ha, ha…big decisions:

Marking the cut around for the poles:

It looks like a good cut:

Filling in with new boards:

Mike had to cut down some of the poles so we don't trip over them.  Whoever built this dock had no idea what they were doing:

Now we will have a full walkway with no pole in the way:

Just another pole that has to go:

Niki resting…it was so much hard work, lol:

All the rotted boards are replaced and now it's time to pressure wash:

My turn:

Mike pressure washing the inside of the dock:

And the outside:

What a difference a cleaning makes:

I painted the edges and Mike rolls the paint on:

It looks much better:

And lastly…cleaning up the steps:

That's all for now.  I'll write again next Monday.



  1. The dock looks great! I like the choice of color, but wanted to ask if you added any "non-skid" to the paint on the deck. I work on a boat, and know how slick wet dock wood can be. Adding some sand to the paint will make it much safer.
    It's not to late, Mike could add a coat of paint, then sift some sand on the wet paint.....let it dry, and add another coat of paint. You will hardly notice the non-skid, with the gray deck, but it will be a lot safer.

    What a lot of people do, is to roll out a path, then add the non-skid. This way you can have the safe area when it's raining, but have a less gritty path for bare feet on nice days.

    Nicky looks like she needs to have you bring out a bed for her......not exactly comfortable on the concrete, though I bet it was nice and warm...LOL!!

  2. What you think we go out in the rain, lol. No we didn't use a skid resistant paint but that is a good idea.

    Niki has her bed "most" of the time. She got a ride in the wheel barrow yesterday and she loved it, lol.

  3. I am enjoying the updates again. Thank you for sharing. The place is lovely. Will you be going back and forth with the seasons ?


    1. You're welcome and thank you for writing in. We will be back and forth to visit and check on things.

  4. Lol, Niki in a wheel barrow! Everything is looking so much better, it is hard to believe this is the same house you started with. The sun looks great!


    1. I need to get a picture of that to send the kids:) Mike is getting more relaxed since we are almost finished with what we want to do. I love the sun but it is still too hot here. The kids are getting rain…yuck. Can't we all just have sunny days, rainy nights and 50-75 degrees each day:)